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Sukihana Net Worth & How She Built Her Empire

Are you curious to know Sukihana net worth? Let’s discover together how much the singer is worth, how she achieved her wealth and key lessons from her path to success.

Who is Sukihana?

Destiny Henderson, also known as Sukihana, is a famous American rapper and TV personality. 

Sukihana is mainly known to the public for her appearance on the TV series Love & Hip-hop: Miami. The series premiered in 2018, and Henderson was cast as the main character. 

Not to mention, she is an actress and a songwriter, who rose to fame with her freestyle videos.

Full Name:Destiny Henderson
Know As:Sukihana, Suki
Born: November 15, 1991 – Wilmington, Delaware
Occupation:Rapper, singer, TV personality
Genre: Rap, hardcore hip hop
Net Worth:$1 million

Early life

Destiny Henderson – better known as Sukihana – was born on November 15, 1991.

She grew up in her hometown, Wilmington, Delaware, and is of African American descent.

Not much is known about her parents, as Henderson is very private about her private life.

Henderson’s parents enrolled her in a creative art school in Atlanta, Georgia, where she studied ballet, acting, and musical theater.

She spent most of her childhood days in Atlanta but later moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue her dream of becoming a widely-known successful rapper. 

There she adopted her nickname Sukihana as a professional name, which originated from a joke made at a sushi restaurant in the Christiana Mall. 

Sukihana Net Worth and How She Achieved It

As of 2023, Sukihana net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

The famous rapper has made most of her money from TV reality series, but she also gains income from her music and other ventures.

Early career

Sukihana discovered her love for music at a very young age. The multi-talented rapper started showing her talent on Instagram in her early days and gained many followers.

In 2016, she created her YouTube channel and began uploading videos and gaining millions of views. 

In 2017, she went viral for her remix of the ‘Kodal Snack’ song by the American rapper Kodak Black. It gained thousands of views in just a few days. This song led Sukihana on the path to success.

The following year, the singer and rapper was featured in Cuban Doll’s music video for the song ‘Drug Dealer’. 

After the song’s success, the rapper released multiple other songs, such as ‘5 Foot Freestyle’, ‘Y U Mad’, ‘Shopping Spree’, ‘Hood Rat’, and many more. 

Moreover, the rapper has also been releasing her songs on her self-titled YouTube channel.

More about Sukihana’s career

Sukihana’s big break on the TV scene came after she appeared as the main cast member in the third season of Love & Hip-hop Miami

Sukihana became famous due to her loud and over-the-top personality and became an overnight internet sensation. 

The TV star also gained the viewer’s attention for her relationship with the rapper Khaotic. Also, for her violent altercations with her co-stars Shay Johnson and Nikki Natural.

In 2022, the rapper also released a mixtape and made a cameo appearance in the music video of the song ‘WAP’ by the famous American rapper Cardi B. 

Furthermore, the same year she released two songs titled ‘Pretty and Ratchet’ and ‘All In Your Throat’. 

Also, that led to appearing on The Jerry Springer Show as a guest. Therefore, Sukihana net worth is on an excellent path to increase further.

How Does Sukihana Make Money?

The talented rapper has multiple streams of income besides her music. Sukihana is a social media influencer with a large following. 

So, she works with various product brands and brings them a lot of traffic to their pages. As a result, the rapper and songwriter earns a significant income. 

Sukihana also earns money through her YouTube channel, which is gaining plenty of views. 

On her channel, her fans can view her music videos but also videos about her experiences in her career.

The rapper is still making music, and her latest song, ‘ Throw That Thang,’ was released in 2022. 

Furthermore, Sukihana also makes money as a model and collaborates with other artists and brands.

Sukihana has an Onlyfans page on which she also earns a good amount of money. 

Key Takeaways From Sukihana’s Success

Determination is important for success

Henderson had a passion for music at a very young age and was determined to become a famous rapper. 

Then, she was dedicated to her craft, and her work has gained her a lot of achievements throughout her career. 

Moreover, the rapper was focused on her goals, and she was consistently uploading videos on her channel and covering songs that gained her popularity and success. 

Sukihana’s career teaches us that we should always work toward our goals and use every opportunity along the way. 

In the TV Show, she also revealed that she struggled as an artist at some point in her life. However, that didn’t stop her from achieving her aspirations and becoming a successful rapper.

Stay who you are and be proud of yourself

Sukihana became a TV star after appearing in a reality series due to her personality. So, she always stayed true to herself and her character, and the viewers loved that. 

Her story teaches every young individual to always be themselves and not change for others. Because being authentic and motivated is often a recipe for success. 

Sukihana’s rap lyrics are explicit, describing the reality of living as a young adult, which fans like making her proud as a rapper and songwriter. 

Moreover, Sukihana has no regrets about her past life and is always focused on what she would like to achieve in the future. 

You should always invest in personal growth

Sukihana is a firm believer in personal development and encourages others to work toward becoming the best version of themselves. 

The famous rapper always takes care of herself, sending a message to her fans to become confident and happy with their appearance and achievement. 

The social media star is also a mother of three kids but always finds time to work out and stay fit.

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