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Bader Shammas Net Worth and How He Built His Fortune

In this article we’ll talk about Bader Shammas net worth, how he built his wealth, and key lessons from his success.

Who Is Bader Shammas?

Bader Shammas is a financier who was born in the UAE on June 29, 1972.

According to some sources, around 2018 he started dating Lindsay Lohan, a well-known American actress. Little is known about the precise beginning of the relationship as they are both very private.

However, Lindsay Lohan made their relationship official in 2021 by announcing her engagement to Bader Shammas in an Instagram post. With Bader Shammas in her life, Lohan referred to herself as the Luckiest Woman in the world.

The couple got married in July 2022 after celebrating their engagement in Kuwait City. They appear to be really happy with their relationship and reside in a lavish home in Dubai.

Full Name: Bader Shammas
Occupation: Financier
Net Worth: $110 million

Bader Shammas Net Worth and How He Achieved It

Bader Shammas net worth is approximately $110 million, as of 2023. He amassed his fortune by working as a financier.

In 2010, he traveled to the US to complete his studies. After earning degrees in mechanical engineering and finance from the University of Tampa, he also attended the University of John H. Sykes College of Business where he received a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree, as mentioned on Elle.

He started his career in finance after graduating.

He started working with BNP Paribas in April 2013 as an analyst, and then he was promoted to associate. Shammas stayed in this job position for five years, from 2013 to 2018, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He later moved jobs and started working for the Credit Suisse company with headquarters in Dubai.

His current position in the company is Assistant Vice President. His yearly income is unknown. However, we can infer from his title that he earns at least six figures annually.

Bader Shammas Interesting Facts

  • Bader is a banking and investor genius
  • He is married to the Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan
  • He met Lindsay in Dubai, after she moved to that country
  • His relationship with Lindsay was secret until they got engaged
  • When they got engaged, Paris Hilton publicly congratulated Lindsay on her This Is Paris podcast
  • The couple currently does not have kids

Key Takeaways from Bader Shammas Career 

Don’t limit your talent

Bader loved from a young age the finance world and he decided to pursue his dream career by studying business. He quickly became successful in his industry and now he is a millionaire businessman and investor who does what he loves.

This shows us that we do not have to limit our talent, we always have to strive to do our best in our area. Do not put barriers even if the field looks problematic, work hard and you will achieve your goals sooner or later.

Value your privacy

Both Lindsay and Bader clearly understand the value of privacy. They have shown us that even if famous, you can maintain a certain level of privacy and they have done so. And it seems it has helped their relationship grow.

This teaches us that even while we might not be as wealthy or well-known as Lohan or Shammas, keeping things to yourself and working quietly can be advantageous.

One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is keeping certain things private. The world doesn’t have to be aware of every aspect of a couple’s life. Value your privacy and keep your relationship for yourself. 

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