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Brandon Fugal Net Worth and How He Built His Empire

Brandon Fugal is an American entrepreneur, businessman and a real estate developer with a net worth of $450 million.

He was born in Pleasant Grove, Utah on April 1st 1973.

Since when he was little, Brandon has been religious. He was brought up in the Church of Latter-Day Saints by his parents, Dan and Jill.

Similarly, both of his parents grew up as Mormons. Brandon has always been interested in spirituality and has always been fascinated by the life outside of this world.

Currently, he is married to Lacey Anne Fugal. He hasn’t shared a lot of details regarding his marriage. As a result, neither the couple nor anyone else knows how they met or when they got married.

Full Name: Brandon Fugal
Born: April 1st, 1973 – Pleasant Grove, Utah, US
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Net Worth: $450 million

Brandon Fugal Net Worth and How He Built His Fortune

Brandon Fugal net worth is $450 million, as of 2023. He has amassed this fortune by working as a real estate developer, businessman and entrepreneur.

Brandon holds a degree in business management from Utah Valley University. Additionally, he is a Coldwell Banker Commercial broker who holds an international certification. He also earned the Office Broker of the Year award in 2019.

He describes himself as an accomplished business executive and is presently the chairman of Colliers International in Utah. Fugal has been fortunate as a result of his many years of service as a successful broker.

Brandon invests his money in other ventures aside from that. Liquid chromatography at Axcend, Skinwalker Ranch, AeroDynamic Jets, and others are a few of them. He serves on the boards of several tech companies in the US and Vietnam, as well.

On a national, regional, and local scale, Brandon has established a stellar reputation as a reliable counselor, business owner, and authority on business infrastructure.

He has been featured in several media and he is respected as an expert in business. In addition to his work in commercial real estate, Fugal is a busy businessman and investor.

He has worked on a number of unique projects, such as the 1,250-acre North Shore of Oahu development and master plan, the 512-acre Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, and the 120-acre Thanksgiving Development in Lehi.

Brandon was the co-founder and owner of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors before it merged with and partnered with Colliers International.

Under his leadership, the company consistently ranked as the world’s best operator with 30 offices spread across 11 states for a period of 14 years, and he was acknowledged as the world’s top agent. All this work has significantly contributed to Brandon Fugal net worth.

Brandon Fugal on Social Media

On Instagram, Brandon has 12.7K followers and he usually posts pictures of himself along with his coworkers.

On Twitter, Brandon has 60.9K followers and he usually posts videos and pictures of his businesses and also personal thoughts.

Brandon Fugal Interesting Facts

  • Brandon has been part of Colliers since 2018
  • He has four children but their names are unknown
  • Brandon is a massive cricket fanatic and he goes to the stadium regularly to see matches.
  • The name given to him by his parents is Brandon Daniel Fugal.
  • He is the owner of the famous Skinwalker Ranch. A place that is known for its highly paranormal activity.

Key Takeaways from Brandon Fugal Career 

Explore opportunities

Brandon, being an investor, knows very well that we have to explore all opportunities or at least study them in order to see if there is something positive to achieve. He has invested in several companies and also the famous Skinwalker Ranch.

This shows us that we must be open to explore different opportunities in the craft that we are pursuing. We should consider all opportunities as a chance to expand ourselves as persons and also professionally. We never know which opportunity will change our lives in a positive way.

Be cautious 

Brandon is one of those people that likes to fly under the radar as much as he can. Obviously being as successful as he is, it is merely impossible, but he tries to keep his life as private as possible. 

We are able to see this when we talk about his family. He has done as much as he can to keep his private life hidden from the media.

This teaches us that it is very important to know what to share and what not to share. The Internet is a very tricky place and sometimes we might share information that is not relevant for the world to know and this might harm us in the near or long future. 

We should all be more cautious when it comes to sharing information, ideas, etc. as we do not know what the outcome will be by sharing that information publicly. Privacy in our lives is highly important.

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