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Wes Watson Net Worth And How He Built His Wealth

Wes Watson is an American Youtuber and actor who has a net worth of $2 million.

He gained much attention for his motivational speeches.

The popular influencer is also the president of Watson Fit, a large coaching business.

Watson was born on November 19, 1983, and grew up in San Diego, CA. When he was a kid, he used to skate, surf, and snowboard until he got involved with smoking weed at a very young age.

Reportedly, when he was only 14, Weston realized that weed could help him make money, and that is when he began dealing. With time, he grew his influence as a dealer. 

Eventually, got was arrested for an act of violence towards a customer for an unpaid debt. His prison sentence was 10 years term based on his charges and the California State Prison System.

Full Name: Wes Watson
Born: November 19, 1983 – San Diego, CA, US
Occupation: Motivational speaker, Influencer, Youtuber
Net Worth: $2 Million

Wes Watson Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2023, Wes Watson net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Watson’s YouTube channel, podcast, and side hustles contributed to his impressive net worth.

How Does Wes Watson Make Money?

Wes Watson makes the majority of his income through his YouTube channel. He generates money from views, ads, and affiliate commissions.

The influencer also promotes his products and often collaborates with brands, thus, making money from sponsorships. 

Watson also works as a fitness trainer and does online training. Not to mention, he sells merch on his website.

He sells men’s apparel, collectibles such as posters and accessories. 

His Path to Wealth

After being released from prison, Watson created Watson Fit, a coaching business teaching men how to achieve their fitness goals. 

He shares the things he learned in his life. In particular, he aims to help people free themselves from mental prison and become the best versions of themselves.

Watson’s interview with the YouTuber Big Herc helped him gain popularity. Watson also has a YouTube channel with over 466 thousand subscribers, titled GP – Penitentiary Life Wes Watson.

More about Wes Watson’s Career

On this channel, Watson shares stories of his time spent in prison and teaches his followers how to deal with life obstacles. He gives a detailed description of his life while he was in prison. 

The motivational speaker also has his own podcast GP Penitentiary Life where he discusses how he was able to turn his life around. 

The motivational speaker also released a book titled Non-Negotiable: Ten Years Incarcerated- Creating the Unbreakable Mindset.’

He has appeared in the TV series Hooked On The Look and the thriller film The Colony. Watson has also gone on international tours as a motivational speaker. 

Wes Watson on Social Media

The motivational speaker has over 300K followers on his verified Instagram account.

On the platform, he publishes reels of his motivational speaking events, of him working out and pictures of himself during his free time.

He also has a page on Facebook where he has 24K followers, but he doesn’t post much there. His last post is from November 2022.

Wes Watson’s Quotes

  • “The only thing that gives you confidence is the work you put in. Your self-worth is directly correlated to your self-investment.”
  • “Your view of the world is your confession of character.”

3 Key Lessons from Wes Watson’s Sucess

Pursue your dreams

The popular motivational speaker always encourages people to chase their dreams and aspirations.

He believes that a higher power has set life goals for each person on Earth, and our goal is to pursue them and inspire others to do the same. 

Weston expresses that the power of pursuing goals lies in enjoying the journey toward achieving them.

He inspires millions of people worldwide, sharing life lessons on his channel. He also shares fitness tips for everyone who wants to train and transform their body.

Having self-discipline is vital

After being arrested for dealing illegal substances, Watson spent 10 years in prison. Although the prison is where people’s hopes and dreams often end, this was not the case with the popular influencer. 

During his time in prison, Weston discovered himself and his passion for bodybuilding. After leaving, he began a new life. He became a successful influencer thanks to his disciplined daily routine. 

The fitness instructor believes that having discipline is essential. In many of his videos, Watson teaches his viewers not to do things they will regret.

According to Wes, doing things you regret will bring negativity into one’s life, so mastering self-control is very important. 

Self-improvement is key to happiness

For many, a prison is a traumatic place where people’s lives go down in a spiral. But, Watson didn’t let his experience stop him from transforming his life.

The influencer believes everyone should work on self-improvement to achieve their desires. Watson states everyone can control their thoughts and build the discipline to follow their dreams. 

Watson’s story and life experiences inspire many of his followers worldwide. His messages also resonate with many people who have been through the criminal justice system.

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