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Liver King Net Worth and How He Achieved It

In this article we’ll talk about Liver King net worth, how he achieved it, and key lessons from his career and path to success.

Who Is Liver King?

Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, is a fitness coach and social media personality. He was born in San Antonio, Texas on April 7, 1977.

He is married to Barbara Johnson and they have two children, Rad Johnson and Stryker Johnson.

Johnson attended Texas Tech University and has a degree in Biochemistry. He mentioned as well that his favorite hobby is practicing snowboarding. He is renowned for advocating a “ancestral lifestyle,” which entails consuming a lot of raw meat and organs.

Nutritionists have questioned his diet for having the potential to be harmful in the long term. Johnson advocates for his nine “ancestral tenets,” which include: rest, eat, move, protect, connect, cold, sun, fight, and link.

Full Name: Brian Johnson
Known As: Liver King
Occupation: Social media personality
Net Worth: $12 million

Liver King Net Worth and How He Achieved It

Liver King net worth is approximately $12 million, according to several reliable sources.

Brian Johnson opened a dental clinic with his wife but later on they had to close it and they founded “Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest”.

Their company produces a variety of supplements like chocolate bars and they also import beef directly from New Zealand.

Later he also founded “The Beef Organ Supplements Movement” in order to provide people with high value beef supplements.

Brian also published an e-book named “The 9 Ancestral Tenants: Made for The Modern-Day Primal”.

Brian owns a mansion in Austin, Texas. According to some sources, he also has an awesome car collection:

  • M35 Series 6×6 Cargo Truck
  • M1 Hummer
  • Kubota M4 Utility Tractor
  • Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer
  • Ford f-450

All these things together contribute to his overall net worth.

Liver King on Social Media

On Instagram, Liver King has 1.7 Million followers and he usually posts pictures of himself doing exercise and also on different shows and podcasts.

On TikTok, Liver King has 4 Million followers and he usually posts videos and pictures of himself doing exercise and on different tv shows and podcasts.

Liver King Quotes

  • “I’m not an hospital, I’m not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. I do however, have a degree in Biochemistry.”
  • “I wrote a thesis on the chemistry and biochemistry of supplemental nutrition. I’m a primal blueprint certified health coach and I’ve been obsessed with ancestral health and living for over twenty years.”
  • “Perhaps my best credential is that I care about people. For these reasons, I can usually offer some value and the framework will always be built on and around ancestral living and on proven ways to work with our biology to express the best versions of what we can be.”

Key Takeaways from Liver King Career

Stay motivated and work hard 

Liver King has mentioned that when he was in high school, he suffered bullying. Other kids in his school used to steal his shoes and beat him.

But he overcame this period by submerging himself into bodybuilding.

This shows us that no matter the problem that we might be having at a certain time in our lives, we can always find a solution.

The most important thing is this: when we find a solution, we have to be consistent, motivated and work hard to accomplish it.

Work hard towards your goals

Liver King has a degree in Biochemistry and he later pursued a career in medicine.

He did not finish his Med studies as he decided to pursue other ventures with his wife, and they started their business.

This shows us that we have to be versatile and to work hard on what is going to be our goal. We have to give 100% and commit to achieve our goals and to make that grow as big as possible.

Be honest

This is probably the most important lesson we can learn from Brian – and he has learned it the hard way.

He was not completely honest about how he achieved his shape, and when he admitted he was actually on steroids, he had to face the consequences of having lied in the past. No matter what goals you are trying to achieve, the end doesn’t always justify the means. Be honest, always.

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