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Clix Net Worth and How He Built His Fortune

Cody Conrad, also known as Clix, is a Twitch streamer with a net worth of almost $5 million.

He is also an Esports player and a social media star with a big online presence.

He is among the youngest professional Fortnite: Battle Royale players in the world, mostly known for playing one vs. one matches in this competitive game.

Clix was born in Connecticut on January 7th, 2005. The gamer keeps a low profile regarding his private life, so little is known about his parents, siblings, and educational background. 

His parents are divorced, and the gamer lived with his father while also often spending time with his mother.

The professional gamer is still a teenager, which makes him one of the youngest competitive Fortnite players in the world. 

Clix is also a US-based Twitch streamer and an influential social media star. His older brother got him into video games, and after getting his first PC, he started playing Call of Duty: Zombies.

Then, Conrad continued playing Minecraft with a desire to become a professional player. 

He noticed the popularity of the widely known game Fortnite and saw the opportunity to achieve his dream career. 

Full Name:Cody Conrad
Known As:Clix
Occupation:Twitch streamer, professional Fortnite player, Youtuber
Born:Jan 7, 2005 – Connecticut
Net Worth:$4.8 million

Clix Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2023 Clix net worth is $4.8 million. Most of his income comes from his gaming and participation in tournaments, but he also receives income from his subscribers on YouTube and Twitch

His path

Cody created his YouTube channel in 2017 but rose to fame after uploading Fortnite montages on YouTube in April 2018.

During that time, Fortnite: Battle Royale was extremely popular among gamers. As Clix was very good at the game, he began recording his gameplay and making a montage out of his best moments. 

The following year he created his Twitch channel and started streaming. Eventually, he joined Misfit Gaming and became a professional Fortnite player in 2019.

As a professional gamer, Clix started participating in Esports tournaments and sharing gameplay from the tournaments on his YouTube channel as well. 

His videos gained thousands of views, and his channel significantly grew, gaining 400K subscribers at the end of the year. 

The same year, Conrad qualified for Fortnite World Cup Finals due to his incredible gaming skills, and he reached 18th place.

In 2020, Clix started streaming on Twitch every day, and he became a popular influencer. Later on, he joined NRG Esports and is still part of the gaming organization. 

Clix was able to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup five times, and he took first place at the WC NAE Qualifiers 2019, winning prize money.

He also streams other popular games such as Among Us, Grand Theft Auto, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How Does Clix Make Money?

Clix makes most of his money by streaming Fortnite and Valorant gameplay on a daily basis.

His Twitch channel has more than 4.7 million followers, while his YouTube channel has over 1.96 million subscribers. 

The young and skillful gamer mainly earns through ads, subscription plans and personal sponsorships.

He also makes money by participating in tournaments and creating content as a social media influencer, all contributing to Clix net worth. 

The Twitch streamer has also launched a clothing brand called Dr3amin Clothing which also contributes to his impressive income. 

Key Lessons From Clix’s Success

Work hard to achieve success 

While he was living with his father, Conrad purchased his first gaming PC with his help, and that inspired him to start playing games online.

He then promised his dad to repay his debt, and he worked very hard to achieve that. Clix’s story is an inspiration for many young people.

It teaches them that working towards their goals and believing in themselves is the key to success. 

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Find motivation 

Clix’s main motivation was keeping his father’s trust. The streamer achieved his goals at a very young age and became one of the most successful gamers worldwide.

Now, his dad is very proud, and Clix shows that having motivation is very important for a successful career.

Don’t give up on the path to success

Clix’s gaming career didn’t blossom immediately as he was posting YouTube montages but didn’t get into the competitive scene yet. Luckily, the young streamer wasn’t discouraged.

Instead, he continued doing what he loved and eventually qualified for his first annual world cup. After that, he made a name for himself and joined the NRG gaming organization.

This shows that we shouldn’t give up on our aspirations when things don’t go as planned. 

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Build several sources of income

Clix was able to create a fortune at a very young age by having several sources of income.

He has earnings as a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and professional Fortnite player and also makes money by participating in tournaments and having sponsorships.

Having several sources of income can elevate one’s career and create new opportunities. 

Improve your skills

After reaching stardom, Clix started streaming every day for his fans, and he often showcased his gaming skills to his audience.

In order to be very successful, it is important to work on your skills, implement your talent and stay consistent.

One thing everyone can learn from this talented gamer is that he is very passionate about his work and the things he likes and is focused on his career. 

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Be patient but focused

Since the new era of streamers took over the gaming scene, Clix was regularly gathering views and managed to become a popular streamer when it comes to competitive play of a high level.

His main focus was becoming a professional gamer and successful streamer, and he was patient but motivated, setting himself to success in the gaming world.

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