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Vikkstar Net Worth & How He Built His Empire

In this post we are going to talk about Vikkstar net worth, how he achieved it and key lessons from his success.

The social media star is mainly known for his excellent performance in first-shooting video game streams. 

However, the he has other business ventures as well.

Who Is Vikkstar?

Vikram Singh Barn, also known as Vikkstar, is an English professional gamer, a widely-known YouTuber, and a social media personality.

He is also the co-founder of a YouTube organization called Sidemen and part of a gaming group known as The Pack

He was born on August 2, 1995, in Guildford, UK, and has Indian origins.

Barn was a hard-working student while he attended Silverdale School. Due to his remarkable academic record, he got an offer to study natural science at the University College London. 

However, he decided to pursue a career on Youtube and make creating content his full-time job.

The gamer likes to keep his private life away from the public, so little is known about his parents and two older brothers. His fiancé name is Ellie Harlow, but she also keeps herself away from the public eye.

Full Name:Vikram Singh Barn
Known As:Vikkstar
Occupation:Youtuber, streamer
Born:August 2, 1995 – Guildford, UK
Net Worth:$8 million (£6.9 million)

Vikkstar Net Worth and How He Achieved It

Vikkstar net worth is estimated to be $8 million, as of 2023 – which equals £6.9 million. Most of his income comes from his large following on his Vikkstar123 YouTube channel. 

Vikkstar also has millions of followers on Twitch, where he gains a lot of views, and the same goes for his other social media accounts.


Vikram created his Youtube channel Vikkstar123 when he was 15 years old in 2010. 

So, the British-Indian gamer started uploading Call of Duty and tips and tutorials on maneuvering and doing certain things in different games. 

Due to the success of his streams, he began playing games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and uploading the gameplay. 

Later, he started uploading Minecraft content when the game was just gaining mainstream popularity.

The positive feedback he received inspired him to create a second YouTube channel in 2012 which he named Vikkstar123HD. Both of his channels have millions of subscribers, and the videos have numerous views. 

Shortly after the success of his channels, the popular gamer became an active member of a gaming group with five other gamer friends. 

The group is called The Sidemen, and is a renowned YouTube organization well-known in the gaming community. He also became a part of the Minecraft gaming group The Pack.

More about his career

Vikkstar was more interested in first-person shooting games than the other Sidemen members. 

The gamer pursued playing the game Fortnite in 2017 and joined the Dream SPM (invite-only survival multiplayer Minecraft server) three years later. 

In 2021, the professional gamer participated in the Minecraft championship with the team Red Rabbits. 

Vikkstar has also created a recent YouTube account called Vikkstarplays, on which he uploads entertaining and funny clips from his gameplay and real life. 

The YouTube sensation has also appeared in several TV shows and one film, contributing to his impressive net worth. 

This professional gamer has participated in many tournaments throughout his career, winning a lot of money in the process.

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How Does Vikkstar Make Money?

A major portion of Vikktsar’s income comes from his YouTube channels through followers, ads, and affiliate marketing. 

As a co-founder of the Sidemen, Vikram owns a share of their restaurant chains, their XIX Vodka, and merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and more.

The successful gamer and YouTuber is also a co-owner of the Call of Duty eSports team called The London Royal Ravens. 

This organization hosts various eSports events, including tournaments and promotional activities. 

Vikram also runs a Minecraft server known as VikkCraft, from which he earns over £2 million each year. 

Aside from gaming content, Vikkstar has also uploaded many travel vlogs. The social media star also enjoys outdoor activities, travels, and exploring new places.

He has vlogs about several destinations he visited around the world. 

Moreover, the talented gamer also gets money from the Sidemen channel and gains money from sponsorships from other brands. 

Key Lessons From Vikkstar’s Success 

Your dream can become a reality

Vikkstar was a remarkable student during his school days. Even though the prestigious college offered him a position, his passion was playing video games and creating videos. 

Hence, he combined the two of them and became one of the world’s most successful gamers and YouTubers. 

His success story teaches many young individuals to pursue their dreams and work towards achieving their goals, as one day they may become a reality. 

Don’t let the challenges in life stop you from achieving success

The path to success for Vikkstar was not easy, especially since the gamer comes from a small place in London. 

Vikkstar’s parents wanted him to become a doctor. However, they supported him every step of the way when they saw how passionate he was about his career. 

However, that didn’t stop Vik from pursuing the career he wanted and going into various business ventures. 

The gamer is not afraid to try new things, and he always goes above and beyond when it comes to gameplay and creating content for his fans. 

Stay focused and consistent 

Vikkstar was no stranger to playing video games, as he had been playing them since a very young age. 

The YouTuber was inspired by other streamers who gained a lot of success by showcasing their gaming skills online and decided he wanted to become one of them. 

The young gamer is always focused and consistent in terms of his content. Vikram is always driven and motivated to achieve more in his career, teaching others to do the same to reach success.

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