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Jordan Peterson Net Worth and How He Built His Wealth

In this post we’ll talk about Jordan Peterson net worth, how he built his wealth, and key lessons from his career and path to success.

Who Is Jordan Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson was born on 12 June 1962 in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a prominent figure in Canadian media, a clinical psychologist, an author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

His parents were Walter and Beverley Peterson. Walter Peterson was a teacher, and his wife Beverley worked as a librarian at the Fairview campus of Grande Prairie Regional College.

Born and raised in Alberta, Peterson graduated from the University of Alberta with bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology and earned a PhD in clinical psychology from McGill University.

He returned to Canada in the late 90s to work at the psychology faculty at the University of Toronto after conducting research and teaching for several years at Harvard.

In 1999 he published his first book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, which served as the inspiration for many of his following lectures. In order to investigate belief and meaning systems, the book draws on psychology, mythology, religion, literature, philosophy, and neuroscience.

Millions of people started watching Peterson’s lectures and dialogues, which were mostly distributed through YouTube and podcasts. In 2018 he published his second book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, which was promoted with a global tour and quickly rose to popularity worldwide.

Also, in 2021 the author published his third book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, and started podcasting again.

Not to mention, in 2022 he signed a content distribution agreement for his podcast with the media outlet The Daily Wire.

Full Name: Jordan Bernt Peterson
Known As: Jordan Peterson
Born: 12 June 1962 – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Clinical psychologist, author
Net Worth: $8 million

Jordan Peterson Net Worth

Jordan Peterson net worth is approximately $8 million, as of 2023. He achieved it mainly working as clinical psychologist, social commentator, author and a professor of psychology.

How does Jordan Peterson make money?

Jordan confirmed that he was earning $80,000 per month from his Patreon account in a 2019 interview with Martin Weill.

In January 2019, he deactivated his Patreon account. Jordan stated in the same interview that his consulting business and clinical practice brought in about $200,000 each month, in addition to $35,000 per speaking engagement. 

As per his work as an author, according to reports, he has so far sold about 5 million books throughout his career. Even $1 from each book sold would amount to $5 million before taxes for him.

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, which he also hosts, is his own podcast and another source of income. Also, he developed the writing therapy program known as the Self Authoring Suite.

Not to mention, the author appeared in some movies and documentaries that have earned him some additional income. These include:

  • The Rise of Jordan Peterson
  • No Safe Spaces
  • What is Woman 

Jordan Peterson on Social Media

On Instagram, he has 5.2 Million followers and he usually posts videos of himself giving lectures or talking about his books.

On Twitter, he has 3.5 Million followers and he usually posts current news of the world regarding his point of views and also trending topics.

Jordan Peterson Quotes

  • “Adopt responsibility for your own well-being, try to put your family together, try to serve your community, try to seek for eternal truth… That’s the sort of thing that can ground you in your life, enough so that you can withstand the difficulty of life.”
  • “There’s a personality trait known as agreeableness. Agreeable people are compassionate and polite. And agreeable people get paid less than disagreeable people for the same job. Women are more agreeable than men.”
  • “To me, ideology is corrupt; it’s a parasite on religious structures. To be an ideologue is to have all of the terrible things that are associated with religious certainty and none of the utility. If you’re an ideologue, you believe everything that you think. If you’re religious, there’s a mystery left there.”

Source: Brainy Quote

Key Takeaways from Jordan Peterson Career

Be an example for others 

Jordan has a very strong belief in what his ideologies are after studying them for a long time.

The author has shown us that you don’t have to be a popstar, athlete or someone publicly known to make a change. As long as you believe and stand for what you believe in , you can make a change in the world and be known in your field.

Create an online presence

Jordan started as a professor in the University of Toronto, but he soon realized that in order to stay relevant and spread his message he had to build an online presence. Social media platforms have helped his message spread and reach millions of people around the world.

And this is a key lesson in today’s world: if you want to make a change and positively influence a target audience, you need to build a strong presence online.

Be original (or give credit)

Jordan has mentioned several times that his studies have allowed them to learn from history and to know several key characters that have helped him create himself.

Also, to be successful in any career, it is essential to try to say and teach something it hasn’t said before, as much as possible. However, it’s also important to not take credit for the efforts of others.

Whenever our ideas are influenced by others, it is important to acknowledge those people openly and give them credit. That shows honesty and trustworthiness.

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