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Ryan Holiday Net Worth and How He Built His Empire

In today’s post we are going to talk about Ryan Holiday net worth, how he built his empire, and key takeaways from his success.

Who Is Ryan Holiday?

Ryan Holiday is a successful American entrepreneur and author who have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

He was born in Sacramento, California, on June 16, 1987.

He’s widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful non-fiction authors. He attended the University of California, Riverside but has then dropped out to work as a media strategist.

Ryan was studying political science and decided to pursue creative writing before leaving college.

The famous entrepreneur is very private about his life, and not much is known about his early life, parents, and siblings.

Holiday’s wife is Samantha Marie Hoover; they have been together since college and they have two sons. 

Full Name: Ryan Holiday
Occupation:Entrepreneur, author
Born:June 16, 1987 – Sacramento, California, US
Net Worth:$7 million

Ryan Holiday Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2022, Ryan Holiday net worth is approximately $7 million. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and host of the podcast known as “Daily Stoic”.

Ryan Holiday is a talented and well-educated author with a very versatile career contributing to his impressive net worth.

Early career

Holiday’s professional career began after dropping out of college at the age of 19.

He then worked as an apprentice for the author Tucker Max and later on worked alongside Robert Greene for his bestselling book The 50th Law

Holiday is also a media strategist who worked as a marketing director and later adviser for the company American Apparel.

After leaving the company in 2014, he participated in many media campaigns and worked as a media columnist and editor for New York Observer. 

Ryan Holiday’s professional career as an author

Due to his knowledge of creative writing and media, Holiday is one of the bestselling authors in America.

He has written several books on topics such as media manipulation, marketing, and ancient stoic philosophy.

His books have been translated into several languages, and he sold millions of copies.

Over the course of his career, Ryan Holiday has also written for Forbes, The Guardian, My Observer, The New York Times, and other popular media outlets.

He published his first book about the state of online journalism called, Trust Me, I’m Lying in July 2012. The book caught the attention of many readers and debuted in the Wall Street Journal bestseller book. 

His second book, Growth Hacker Marketing, published in 2013, talks about how growth hacking is more effective than traditional marketing. This book also became one of the top marketing books in 2014. 

In 2014, Holiday published his third book, The Obstacle Is the Way, which was praised by many popular figures and sportspeople for positively affecting the mindset about transforming the obstacles in life into opportunities for success.

Holidays’ following books, Ego Is the Enemy, and The Daily Stoic were published in 2016, both of which became bestsellers.

Other books written by Holiday throughout his career include Stillness Is the Key, Lives of the Stoics, The Boy Who Would be King, and others. 

How Does Ryan Holiday Make Money?

Ryan Holiday’s work focuses on applying ancient wisdom to our daily life, and he is inspired by the Stoic philosophy and the historical figures from that time. 

Aside from his books being bestsellers, Holiday also owns and operates an independent bookstore, The Painted Porch Bookshop.

As a knowledgeable public speaker, Holiday often appears in Ted Talks.

In 2017, the author spoke about how everyone should understand their ego and how it affects our daily lives. 

Holiday is also a successful marketing consultant who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

The entrepreneur is also the founder of Brass Check Marketing, a creative agency advising and providing marketing services to small businesses.

Key Lessons From Ryan Holiday’s Success

Focus on your work

There is a lot to learn from Ryan Holiday’s success.

This author combines his business and media skills with his passion, drive, and motivation to create books that help, inspire and change the lives of millions of people around the world. 

Ryan teaches us how to focus on our work to become successful, as he believes it takes small progress to achieve your goals and create an empire.

Holiday takes pride in his craft and shares his knowledge and skills with his readers and audience, as he doesn’t want to ever disappoint them.

Don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes

In his work, Holiday often states that people mainly see the obstacles in life and not the opportunities they encounter along the path.

He states that every successful person goes through difficulties to get to where they are.

We can all learn from our mistakes and focus on our goals to achieve what we want.

Live in the present moment 

In his books, Holiday says that worrying about the future is not good as it may leave you overwhelmed.

Instead, he recommends focusing on what is today and in one direction rather than worrying about many things in the future.

He also suggests letting go of emotional debts. They can impact your path to achieving your goals and disturb inner peace.

Combat your ego

Ryan Holiday’s books talk about personal development and working to become the version of yourself. Holiday states that many people have failed to reach success because of their ego.

Hence, the lesson is that we should believe in ourselves but remain humble in the process.

According to Holiday, every successful story is accompanied by failure. And the ego can take away the ability to self-improve and stop us from overcoming obstacles along the way.

Never stop learning

Holiday expresses that the key to success is open-mindedness to new things, good organization, purpose, and learning new things.

However, once they reach the top, many people stop learning and elevating their knowledge which shouldn’t be the case. He teaches us that we should surround ourselves with people who will help us grow and have a positive mindset. 

Create value in life

Holiday also practices the philosophy of stoicism and draws inspiration from historical figures. He believes that the wisdom they followed can be very beneficial for overcoming today’s problems in life.

He believes that everyone should invest in themselves in the long term, help others, learn from others and make the right decisions in life.

Julia de Boer / The Next Web, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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