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Devon Larratt Net Worth and How He Achieved It

Devon Larratt is a renowned professional arm wrestler who has a net worth of $500,000.

He is a former soldier of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Laratt is known as ‘No Limit’ and is recognized for his achievements in Arm Wrestling matches. 

He has won numerous championships and received many prizes and awards throughout his career.

He also has a large following within the arm wrestling community. The wrestler is currently in possession of the ‘Legacy Hammer.’

Full Name: Devon Larratt
Born: April 24, 1975 – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Arm wrestler
Net Worth: $500,000

Early life

Devon Larratt was born on 24th April 1975 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He developed an interest in arm wrestling from a young age.

He practiced his skills with his grandma, who claimed to be ‘the best arm-wrestling woman in Alberta.’ 

Larratt practiced his physical strength in Ontario’s oil fields and participated in several local competitions.

At the age of 21, he joined the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command and served as an armored soldier for four years. 

Personal life

The army veteran married the actress and arm wrestler Jodi Larratt. The couple has three children together, all of which are arm wrestlers and actors.

Larrat and his family currently live in Ottawa, Canada.

Devon Larratt after winning a match
O Julimar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Devon Larratt Net Worth and How He Makes Money

As of 2023, Devon Larratt net worth is estimated to be $500,000. He has gained substantial wealth by competing in arm wrestling around the world.

Over the course of his career, he has won several major events contributing to his net worth.

How Larratt makes money 

The famous arm wrestler earns the majority of his income through arm wrestling. Larratt also has a YouTube channel where he posts videos on a regular basis.

His videos have thousands of views, only adding to Larratt’s income.

Given his large following, Larratt often collaborates with brands such as CrossFit, Rogue, and the Beard Struggle.

He makes additional income through brand deals and sponsorships. The arm wrestler also generates money by selling his own merchandise


Larratt participated in his first international competition in 1999. He competed in the left-handed 100kg competition and came in third place.

In 2006, after finishing his six-month deployment, the professional arm wrestler beat Ron Bath.

Two years later, he defeated John Brenzk during a super match and established himself as one of Canada’s most influential arm wrestlers. Larratt then went on to defeat Marcio Barboza and Travis Bagent the same year. 

In 2010, he beat Travis Bagent, Tim Brensan, and Don Underwood and became the number-one wrestler. In 2012, he defeated Andry Pushkar.

The same year, Iain Valliere broke his arm during the match.

A closer look into his career journey

In 2013, Larratt sustained a horrible injury that required surgery on his right elbow. As a result, he was limited to only competing as a left-handed wrestler.

He joined the World Armwrestling League in 2014.

He won the left-hand heavyweight after Marcio Barboza withdrew from the competition due to injuries. Following this event, Devon faced Micheal Todd in Dubai, winning 6-0.

In 2021, Hafthor Bjornsson challenged Larratt to a duel and won. The following year, the athlete lost against Saginashvili but won the match with Evgeny Prudnik. 

Quotes by Devon Larratt

  • ‘Arm wrestling is all about being tight and locked up and static. You’re probably pretty good if you can be strong for five to twenty seconds. Boxing is the opposite because it pays to be loose and has fluidity in your movements.’
  • ‘If you win all the time, you will eventually lose. You absolutely will. And if you lose a lot but keep getting back on the horse, you will eventually win. So, I don’t mind a mission impossible occasionally.’

Devon Larratt on Social Media

Larratt has over 744k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The arm wrestler also publishes posts on Instagram, where he has over 524k followers. He often posts content from his matches and his thoughts on events related to arm wrestling. 

3 Key Takeaways from Devon Larratt’s Success

Dedication and discipline are crucial for success

Larratt’s success as a professional arm wrestler is a testament to his discipline and dedication to winning.

He exemplifies that achieving greatness in any field requires hard work and commitment. 

His journey to the top involves hours of rigorous training and honing his skills. The arm wrestler has a focused mindset. He inspires others to push themselves beyond their limit and remain persistent on their way to success.

Don’t let any obstacles stop you

In the world of competitive sports, challenges are inevitable. Although Larratt’s journey was not always smooth, he is known for his ability to bounce back from obstacles.

His story is inspirational for many.

It teaches that resilience and perseverance are crucial for those striving for success. These traits enable one to stay motivated and learn from failures.

Larratt motivates others to work towards achieving their goals even when faced with adversity. 

Having a positive mindset is necessary

Successful athletes possess motivation and a positive mindset. Larratt is confident in his abilities and determined to excel in his chosen sport.

His willingness to succeed has helped him during his career. 

Larratt teaches that a positive attitude, dedication, and motivation can enhance performance. He inspires others to embrace any challenges on the way with optimism.

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Featured Image: O Julimar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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