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Brittany Mahomes Net Worth and How She Built Her Wealth

Brittany Lynne Mahomes, better known as Brittany Mahomes, is an American sports team owner and a retired women’s soccer player who has a net worth of $10 million.

She was born on August 31st, 1995 in Whitehouse, Texas.

Mahomes attended Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas, and married NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2022 after dating him throughout high school.

The couple has two beautiful kids. Later, Patrick became a minority owner of the Kansas City Current, joining Mahomes.

Photo: elisfkc2, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Brittany Mahomes Net Worth And How She Achieved It

Brittany Mahomes net worth is $10 Million.

She amassed her fortune mainly as a sports team owner, a retired soccer player and as an entrepreneur.

After high school, Mahomes didn’t plan to play collegiate soccer, but after speaking to players she knew there, she joined the Texas-Tyler Patriots women’s soccer team at the University of Texas-Tyler.

Chestley Strother, a teammate of Mahomes’ from Whitehouse High School, was reunited with her at Texas-Tyler.

On October 13, 2016, Mahomes made program history by being the first player to ever record three hat-tricks in a single season and career.

She concluded the campaign with four. Mahomes has 111 shots on goal, 78 total points, and 31 goals as of 2023, which were all second-most in Texas-Tyler history behind only Strother.

When UMF Afturelding played in Iceland’s second-tier 2. deild kvenna in May 2017, Mahomes signed a contract with the team.

Her Whitehouse High and Texas-Tyler teammate Strother had already signed with another organization in the league.

In her first and only season, Mahomes scored twice in five appearances, helping UMF Afturelding win the league and move up to 1. deild kvenna.

Mahomes gave up playing soccer in 2017 and relocated to Kansas City to start a personal training business. She offered exercise regimens on Brittany Lynne Fitness, a website that she advertises on social media.

Brittany Mahomes Facts

She and Patrick Mahomes met at Highschool

When they both went to Texas’ Whitehouse High School for their senior years, the two became friends.

She is a Fitness professional

It’s not surprising that Brittany Mahomes is interested in fitness given both her own athletic background and the fact that her husband is a sport professional too.

Not to mention, she has a college degree in Kinesiology and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

She is so committed that she even founded her own fitness business, Brittany Lynne Fitness.

Brittany founded the business to provide supervised exercises that can be done remotely at a gym or in the convenience of the user’s own home.

She has Two Children with Patrick Mahomes

Brittney and Patrick Mahomes made their engagement public in September 2020.

The couple announced that they were also expecting their first child together a few weeks later, on September 29, 2020.

On November 29, 2022, Patrick and Brittany had their second child together. 

Brittany Mahomes on Social Media

On Instagram, Brittany has 1.4 Million followers and she usually posts pictures of her and her family.

On Twitter, Brittany has 334.8K followers and she usually posts pictures of herself and her family.

Key Takeaways from Brittany Mahomes Career

Be proactive

Even though Brittany is married to one of the best paid players in the NFL, she has her own business.

And by being a successful entrepreneur and a social media influencer, it’s clear that she is her own boss.

This teaches us that we do not need to depend on another person in order to achieve our dreams.

We must be proactive and push through in order to accomplish our goals and in the end achieve financial independence.

Invest and Create New Sources of Income

Brittany played professional soccer in Iceland after having a great career in the NCAA Division III Soccer Championship and after that she invested in buying a soccer team.

As we already mentioned, she also built her own business.

This teaches us that we must always have plans in mind and diversify, if we want to achieve financial freedom and success.

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