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An Interview with YouTube Influencer Angie Bellemare

Angie Bellemare is a well-known youtuber, fitness coach and she’s the host of her podcast The Daily Grind.

We asked her some interesting questions about her path to success, and the result is an amazing interview we’re about to share with you.

Angie Bellemare’s Path to Success

It’s a true pleasure to speak with you today, Angie. We would love to know more about your story and your background. Give us some details about your journey as an influencer.

Such is the case for so many, I started posting to social media merely as a hobby. I was documenting my
health and wellness journey on Instagram as a source of accountability to the (few) people who followed
me. It was 2013, and, at the time, I think Facebook was probably the most popular social network.

But I chose Instagram because none of my friends or family members were going to view my content there,
and I was very shy and feared being judged.

Despite that, somehow, people started finding & following my journey. It was gratifying and I found a lot of purpose in inspiring others. My first business was a network marketing franchise centered on the purpose of helping people live a healthier & more fulfilling life.

Within that network marketing franchise, I lead the top organization in Canada, and eventually the world. This fed my entrepreneurial spirit, and since I’ve launched an academy helping people find their voice on social media, a line of clothing & homeware accessories and my most recent (and fastest growing) endeavor, a planner called The Daily Grind Planner.

What’s your niche and why should someone choose you over your competitors in your field?

I represent myself very authentically. From my love for Disney World, to my passion for creating an interesting & fulfilling life. I’ve devoted a large part of myself to understanding what makes me happy, and LOVE sharing my findings with others for them to implement.

Simply put, I perceive my life’s purpose to help people (mainly women) live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. All of my content, businesses and efforts are typically align with that purpose.

What are the three things that mostly helped your online business succeed?

  • All my online businesses represent a genuine passion of mine. There’s a sincere joy and love behind what I do. The adage “Love what you do, and you won’t work a day in your life” rings true for me, and it’s been vital to my success; both in the effort I’m able to put into my businesses, and the passion with which I peak about my businesses.
  • Failure. I’ve tried other business ventures, both in the network marketing franchise industry, and independently. I’ve felt lost and incapable of growing a business venture, which gave me a true appreciation for the work inwards and outwards one needs to engage in to be successful in their endeavors.
  • A proper support network. In all of my businesses, I’ve partnered with my husband who is as entrepreneurial and hard working as me. There’s a mutual love for what we do, and a mutual agreement for what we’re willing to put in to see through our vision. My friends and family are also very supportive, and that allows me the peace of mind to work guilt-free knowing that if I prioritize my goals, none of the people in my life will hold it against me.

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

  • Professionally, my biggest accomplishment is likely being deemed the most productive partner in my network marketing franchise in 2021.
    To me, this truly meant I was making an impact as the credentials for being deemed ‘most productive’ involved more than just sales, and involved your ability to be a strong mentor to others, and genuinely supporting people in making positive changes in their lives.
  • I am very proud of the fact that I’ve been able to grow a fairly substantial audience across my social platforms while juggling a multitude of businesses.
    I’ve grown an audience of over 500,000 people who enjoy my content, and for many, managing that would be a full-time job.
    Being a hard worker has always been a key part of my identity. Seeing my hard work pay off through the validation of my audience helps me in believing it’s all worthwhile.
  • Personally, my biggest accomplishment is definitely overcoming the fearful / shy individual I once was to have spoken in front of multiple organizations, to 1,000s of people across the world. I remember watching one of my first keynote speakers absolutely crush it on stage and just thinking to myself: “That could never be me”. To turn that around, and truly experience growth from that perspective has been such a huge accomplishment for me. Also, being asked & share in front of a room full of your peers is always such a nice compliment – a true indicator that you’re doing something right.

Your three most important challenges?

  • Believing in myself. I always felt & thought that people who saw grand success in their life knew & understood something I didn’t… and don’t get me wrong, knowledge is a huge part of seeing business success.
    That being said, once I understood that I was equipped with all of the resources I needed to see the same success as the “others”, I got out of my own way, and put in the work to grow into the individual I need to be to see through my potential.
  • Graduating… then becoming a student again. I’m an architecture grad. So when I left school, I thought it was time to “stop learning, and start doing”.
    Little did I know, that would be the furthest thing from the truth. Learning how to manage money, staff, how to market, how to be resourceful… accepting that I was a student all over again was a giant hurdle I needed to overcome at the early onset of my businesses. I thought I could ‘delegate’ all of what I didn’t understand. Not the case, lol.
  • Overcoming judgement from others. My first foray into entrepreneurship was network marketing, a highly scrutinized and misunderstood business model (or maybe I should say mismanaged).
    Even so, entrepreneurship can be perceived as a risky endeavor versus finding a job working for the government… or in my case, for an architecture firm, and working my way “up the ladder”. Ignoring the feedback of those who didn’t live my dream life was a huge challenge. The amount of times I nearly quit due to somebody’s commentary I can’t count on two hands.

How did you overcome those challenges?

Seeing as though the majority of my challenges were internal, the key to my overcoming them was to become extremely clear on what I wanted to accomplish, and why those accomplishments were so important to me. I delved into personal development, accepted my role as a student, and devoted myself to what I perceive to be my life’s purpose.

An activity that helped me tremendously, outside of reading books from some of the world’s greatest mentors (Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins, John C. Maxwell, and so forth…), I wrote down a vision for my professional and personal life on one side of a page. I went into as much detail as possible.

On the other side of the page, I wrote down the barriers, limiting beliefs, and hurdles I’d have to overcome to accomplish my vison. I decided in that moment that it was more painful to let my dreams die with me than it would be to work on overcoming my perceived challenges. This activity, though miniscule in effort, made a world’s difference in my own dedication to my businesses.

What’s your piece of advice for readers who want to achieve wealth and success in life?

Two simple statements from my mentors that changed my perspective in nearly all that I do:

  • You are not overwhelmed, you are equipped. Often, I, and so many others, will get bogged down by the amount of information at our disposal. Understanding that this is a good thing can be a huge mindset shift that changes your outcomes altogether. Searching for & consuming what you need is a part of the process. Accept & enjoy it.
  • It’s not a resources issue, it’s a resourcefulness issue. While I understand there are extreme scenarios, this ideology is typically true, and as an entrepreneur, it forces you to look internally to find solutions, rather than blame external factors on your lack of growth. Self-assessing is one of your greatest super-powers.

What do you think is the key to a truly successful online business?

Consistency. If you want to grow an audience, be consistent; if you want to build a customer base, be consistent; if you want to grow viewership on your company blog, be consistent. There are hugely successful businesses who are consistently mediocre and find tremendous success.

Mediocre television shows stayed on the air for years because they were consistently on at 5pm every Wednesday and delivered a consistent experience for the viewer. We shop at grocery stores where the experience is consistently bad, but prices are consistently good. I think you get the point. Consistency is the great equalizer.

What’s your business model? How does your online business make money?

The business that is at the height of my attention currently is The Daily Grind Planner. I used to share my system for daily planning with my YouTube audience all-the-time! Selfishly, I wanted this system printed in a bullet journal. Once I did that, my audience requested that I start selling them.

So I did, and we are becoming a more complete business offering a greater variety of items every day, having most recently launched a workbook to accompany the planner, and are in the process of introducing planning
accessories and stationary to our mix. All that to say, my business earns in a traditional online retailing way.

Create a product with value, and charge a price that makes the business sustainable and that is palatable for the customer.

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

I see the Daily Grind Planner competing among the larger companies within the planner field. I see us growing a virtual workforce from all over the world, and continuing to serve our purpose of helping people live their best, most fulfilling life, encouraging people to dream big and work to see through their potential.

We will create and curate new products that help us serve that purpose.

What’s your piece of advice for people who want to quit their 9-5 job and start a business?

Thanks to social media, there are so many side-hustles you can engage in. Identify your passion, and start creating content relating to that passion. In doing so, and doing so CONSISTENTLY, you will eventually grow an audience.

From that, you can turn your personal brand into a business relating to the passion you’ve built your brand around, or you can find a company with a strong affiliate program to represent independently. Establish or align with a product or service that’ll bring your audience value and you will all but certainly have a decent customer base.

With that, do NOT act as though the door is not closing. Urgency can be huge, because who knows when somebody will encroach on your idea, or who knows when your desire / energy levels will not be where you need them to be to work on a side-hustle on your days off.

What’s your piece of advice for people who want to reach financial freedom?

My husband always says that there are two factors that affect one’s financial freedom; money coming in, and money going out.

It’s a simple concept, but I would argue that most don’t have a tremendous grasp on what they have coming in or out of their bank account. If I had to break it down into 3 steps:

  • Step 1 – Know what’s coming into your bank account, and where your money is being spent.
  • Step 2 – Set benchmarks for what is acceptable for you to spend in each of the categories of your life based on your values. If you don’t care to have a big fancy house and car in the middle of the city, set boundaries on what you’re willing to spend on your mortgage / rent and your car payment. Don’t allow yourself to surpass those boundaries. On the flip side, if travel is super important to you, make sure you set a benchmark for what amount you need to see through your travel goals.
  • Step 3 – Work to fill the gaps. Seek money making opportunities to build an income base that funds your greatest values, and practice discipline in saving where you value spending less. As you grow, your benchmark can grow alongside you. Eventually, I believe your focus and clarity will drive you to financial freedom.

How can people find you?

Do you have any app, digital course, or book you would like our readers to know about?

If you go to www.angiebellemare.com you can check out my Content Machine e-course, or you can go to www.dailygrindplanner.com to find my workbook and my daily planning system. I also love a multitude of personal growth books. My favorite authors are Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Darren Hardy, John C. Maxwell, Gary Vaynerchuk, Daniel H. Pink…. There’s too many to list!

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