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Sam Logan Net Worth & How He Built His Fortune

In this article we will talk about Sam Logan net worth, his career, and key takeaways from his path to success.

Who Is Sam Logan?

Sam Logan is an American businessman, TV personality and social media influencer.

He was born on July 3, 1991 in Florida. He is best known for his participation in the reality show Siesta Key on MTV. He’s also well known for being Juliette Porter‘s ex boyfriend.

Logan graduated from the University of Central Florida.

Full NameSam Logan
Net WorthAbove $12 million
Date of BirthJuly 3, 1991
OccupationTV Personality, Entrepreneur

Sam Logan Net Worth and How He Achieved It

The most accurate estimate of Sam Logan net worth – without taking into account his family’s net worth – is above $12 million, as of 2023.

Sam Logan comes from a particularly wealthy family – in fact, his family owned the Scripps Networks, which was acquired by Discovery in 2018 for $14.6 billion.

The net worth of Sam Logan’s Family is estimated to be between $12 and $15 billion, as of September 2022.

Part of Sam Logan net worth comes from his collection of luxury cars, which include a Lamborghini, a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes-Benz.

Also, in 2021, Logan owned a home valued at $6.8 million, which he eventually sold, and he also owns a Westport Eclipse yacht and a private jet.

The Siesta Key star is also the founder of two businesses, Concierge Automotive Services and FAUXCUS, a luxury vegan outerwear brand.

Sam Logan on Social Media


On Instagram, Logan has 317K followers. He shares posts about his day-to-day life via his account, including his dating life.

For example, if you check his account, you’ll even find some posts with Jordana Lexus when they were together (now they say they’re just roommates).


Logan is also on YouTube where he has 2.76K subscribers and has uploaded four videos so far.

Key Takeaway from Sam Logan Success

Don’t settle for what you already have, think big

Sam may come from a prosperous family, however, he has also worked for his own wealth and success.

As we saw, Sam is not only known for his appearances on the MTV reality television show Siesta Key, but he is also known for his work as a businessman and as a social media influencer.

Anyone in his position could have settled for what they had, but he decided to achieve more on his own, with his own efforts.

Learn to let go of things that don’t work

We saw Sam parting ways with Juliette, and not too long ago with Jordana.

Now, we clearly don’t know how he actually felt in those moments, but we saw him accepting both breakups with peace of mind and move on.

Right now he is even friend and roommate with Jordana. What we can learn from this is that sometimes if something isn’t working as we expected, we should just try to accept it and let go. The moment you accept something, you also find peace of mind.

And this applies not just to relationships but also to all other areas of life.

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