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Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth and How He Built His Fortune

In this article we are going to talk about Ricky Gutierrez net worth, how he built his wealth and key takeaways from his success.

Who Is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a well-known YouTuber, entrepreneur, and day trader. He was born in Mexico on January 2, 1995, and grew up with his siblings.

Gutierrez’s family moved to the United States when he was a child, as his father started a general contracting business.

As a child, Gutierrez was often helping his father during the weekends, doing manual labor. However, he found out that he didn’t like this work and sought after easier ways to make money. 

Gutierrez attended Arizona State University to study technological entrepreneurship and management. However, he left college to focus on growing his business.

The investor is currently engaged to Rachel Bentley. They have a child together. 

Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2023, Ricky Gutierrez net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

How does Ricky Gutierrez make money?

The day trader generates most of his income by trading and investing in real estate. He also makes money through ad revenue from his Youtube channel and affiliate programs. 

Given his popularity, the young business owner also collaborates with major brands, earning a significant profit. Another source of income for Gutierrez is his trading course. 


As he was growing up, he began fingerboarding. Together with his friends, Gutierrez launched his first fingerboarding product.

Later on, his friends quit the business, but Gutierrez continued working, making a significant profit. 

Gutierrez used the money he made from his product to invest in trade penny stocks. Sadly, he lost all the money and began trading on his demo account.

He also began purchasing and reselling products for a higher price on Amazon and eBay. 

From 18 to 21 years old, Gutierrez worked part-time as a telemarketer. While in college, he was day trading and investing in real estate. Once he dropped out of college, he began full-time trading.

Eventually, the investor founded Techbud Solutions, a large networking platform for investors and entrepreneurs. 


Aside from trading, Ricky Gutierrez started uploading videos on his YouTube channel in 2015.

In his videos, he shared his experience investing in real estate and, later on, stock trading. 

Gutierrez started rising in popularity when he started doing live-streaming videos. His videos focused on maximizing profit while minimizing risk when trading. 

His channel features videos about the fundamentals of trading, including cryptocurrency and penny stocks. Today, his self-titled YouTube channel has more than 1.14 million subscribers. 

The day trader publishes videos on how to start investing in the stock market with different assets. He also shares creative ways to make money online. 

The young investor also has an online course called Learn Plan Profit. This course is for beginners who want to learn about the stock market and online trading.

However, his courses can also be beneficial for intermediate and advanced traders. 

Gutierrez in Social Media

Ricky Gutierrez is pretty active on Instagram where he has over 220K followers and he shares content both about his professional and personal life.

He is also active on Twitter with 16K followers, where he posts content about investing, wealth, and self-improvement.

3 Key Lessons From Ricky Gutierrez’s Success

Stay persistent and focus on your goals

Guitierrez started working at a very young age, helping his father. He aimed to become successful and find a way to make money as his family was dealing with financial difficulties.

His success didn’t come overnight, as Gutierrez experienced several setbacks in his career. At one point, he even lost all of his savings due to a lack of experience in trading. However, the situation didn’t stop him from becoming a successful trader and investor.

His success story is very motivational, teaching his followers to focus on their goals and stay persistent, consistent, and resilient. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Ricky Gutierrez is a well-known trader and investor unafraid to venture into businesses.

He diversified his income by doing day trading, investing in real estate, and doing online courses and YouTube videos for his followers.

The young entrepreneur consistently produces content for his followers, aiming to help them become successful on the stock market.

He takes advantage of every opportunity in his way, which is very inspirational for many young entrepreneurs worldwide.

Continuous learning is important

The young entrepreneur often emphasizes the importance of education in life and trading. Gutierrez believes that continuous learning is key to becoming successful. 

The same applies to acquiring traits like a strong work ethic, ambition, dedication, and self-discipline. 

Gutierrez’s career teaches us that finding a passion, developing the right mindset, and having a desire to improve can be beneficial for success.

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