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An Interview With Kris Krohn: How the Influencer Built His 8-Figure Empire

Kris Krohn is a real estate maverick, business coach, 8-figure influencer, international speaker, breakthrough mentor, and best-selling author who helps people get on the path to wealth through real estate investing, business coaching, and mindset training.

Kris is an expert wealth coach with 5,000 real estate deals, numerous businesses, and growing influence. For over a decade, Kris has mentored thousands of people in creating, managing, protecting, and growing wealth through innovative real estate investment and other strategies.

While Kris’ greatest expertise is found in real estate investing with over a billion dollars in deals, his clients have had exponential results using his business strategies to make significant money with little time in simple startups.

What follows is an interview with Kris Krohn.

What’s your niche, and why should someone choose you over your competitors in your field?

Single-Family-Home Real Estate Investing is my niche.

With over 1.8 billion invested in 6,500 projects in the last 20 years, I have learned that scaling single-family homes is a challenge that few have been able to crack. Most real estate investors turn to multi-family apartments due to the ease of managing fewer projects with more doors.

However, I was never able to get the return on investment (ROI) to compare to individual single-family homes. This encouraged me to take on the challenge of scaling single-family homes, a niche with no competition. Each month we acquire dozens of properties in top markets that allow us to achieve a minimum 25% annual ROI.

This helps people double their money in three years and can make the difference between $50,000 in an IRA at 6%, growing to $160,000 over 20 years, versus one house growing into $4.3 million over that same period of time. For these reasons, I have stayed in the single-family niche, as I don’t have any competitors, and the potential ROI is much higher.

What are the three things that mostly helped your online business succeed and make money?

I’m committed to an organic approach to social that focuses on giving people genuine value. By making sure my content is optimized for search engines, it will help people who are interested in my work to find me organically and get to know, like, and trust me.

This relationship can eventually lead to some level of business together or inspire them to financially improve their own lives. My business is built on something organic, and I’m proud that the millions of people who follow me every week do so because they get real value from me.

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

  • 1. Being married for 21 years and raising 4 amazing kids while also embracing the entrepreneurial life. I managed to make my family a priority by working no more than 25 to 30 hours a week, and I’ve put my family first. 
  • 2. Prioritizing my health. I have my third physique competition right around the corner, and I’m hoping this time to take first place as opposed to second in my last competition. Our family prioritizes our health because the truest expression of love comes down to the amount of time we hope to spend with each other.
  • 3. Developing our Foundation – We receive millions of dollars every year that we use to change lives and save lives. Last year, we went to Ukraine twice. We’re getting ready for our third trip and a trip later this year to Haiti. We’re also sponsoring an orphanage that helps sex-trafficked girls rehabilitate after being rescued. 

All of the business success is great, but that’s really not what it’s all about. It’s about building generational wealth and legacy. And the legacy is to build a large-scale endowment fund that allows the work to continue regardless of who’s holding the baton. 

Image provided by Kris Krohn

What’s your most important challenge?

One of the greatest challenges for us is developing effective leaders. Our future success lies in identifying and investing in individuals who are willing to grow both personally and professionally. 

How do you overcome it?

We have implemented several initiatives to help individuals cultivate attractive personality traits and the necessary skills to become leaders. Additionally, we offer programs to train managers to think like CEOs. This challenge is likely to remain a primary focus of business in the years to come.

What’s your favorite monetization method?

Private equity. I love launching companies that have the potential to change the planet and improve it.

What’s your piece of advice for readers who want to achieve wealth and success in life?

My advice to readers is to acquire mentors to help them grow both personally and professionally. Reading books is a great way to learn and increase knowledge, however, nothing can replace the value of working with people who have already achieved far more than you could ever have imagined.

Mentors can help you to gain an accelerated trajectory and reach your goals faster. 

What do you think is the key to a truly successful online business?

Understanding the preferences of the people that follow you and prioritizing them over your own wants and needs. If you do what’s right by them, then you can build a truly sustainable business. 

What’s your business model? How does your online business make money?

We post over 2000 pieces of social media every week to find millions of people that want to engage me, and the most committed will trickle down and engage in a conversation. Many of them have known me for not just weeks but months and sometimes even years.

We offer books, courses, LIVE trainings, mentorship, and partnership programs to help people build their wealth through a variety of avenues.

How much does your business make every month? 

Our core media business is a multi-seven-figure a-month business (I own many more businesses in addition to this).

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

I want to add 30 companies to our portfolio that all have billion-dollar-plus potential. We’re playing the asymmetric game of moonshots for companies that can change the planet. They won’t all make it, but we pour all of our heart, love, energy, and effort into each one of them. Our strategy is that the ones that will go will make everything collectively worthwhile, which is why we see ourselves as one company and not separate companies.

What’s your piece of advice for people who want to quit their 9-5 job and start a business?

Start by getting a side hustle—something that can make you money on the side of your regular income.

What’s your piece of advice for people who want to reach financial freedom?

Find a mentor you like and trust, and do what they’ve done.

How can people find you?

1st Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/kriskrohn/

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