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Des Bishop Net Worth & How He Built His Wealth

In this article we will talk about Des Bishop net worth, how he achieved it and key lessons from his path to success.

Who Is Des Bishop?

Desmond Ryan Bishop is an Irish-American comedian and podcaster.

He was born in London, England, on November 12, 1975, to Eileen Bishop and Michael Bishop. He also has a brother, Aidan Bishop, who followed his steps as a comedian. 

Bishop was raised in New York City. When he was 14, he moved to Ireland with his family. Bishop’s initial studies were at the St. Francis Preparatory School, but he continued his education at St Peter’s College in Wexford. 

He completed his studies at the University College Cork with a degree in English and History.

The comedian married Hannah Berner – who is also a comedian and a co-host of several shows and podcasts.

Full Name: Desmond Ryan Bishop
Known As: Des Bishop
Born: November 12, 1975 – London, England
Occupation: Stand-up comedian
Net Worth: $12 million

Des Bishop Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2023, Des Bishop net worth is approximately $12 million.

He generates most of his income as a professional stand-up comedian. Throughout his career, the comedian has appeared in multiple TV shows, films, and comedy performances. 


After graduating from college, Bishop started working as a comedian in the 1990s. He began hosting shows at the International Comedy Cellar – a venue founded by other well-known Irish comedians. 

In 2002, Des Bishop made an appearance in the film In America, playing the role of a stockbroker.

Two years later, he reached a larger audience by appearing in his TV Show The Des Bishop Work Experience, aired on RTÉ Two. 

The show featured Bishop trying to survive for a month working for minimum wage jobs across Ireland.

For that purpose, the comedian worked in various settings, including a restaurant, a store, and a hotel. Later on, the comedian appeared on a TV show called Joy in the Hood, in which he mentored people in stand-up comedy. 

He performed at the comedy show known as Don’t Feed the Gondolas and helped in the creation of the hip-hop opera under the name Rap Éire. 

More about his career

In 2008, he appeared on the TV show In the Name of the Fada, which won the IFTA award for Best Television Series.

Three years later, Bishop released a personal show called My Dad Was Nearly James Bond and wrote a memoir with the same name. His book was very successful and was on the short-list for the Irish Book of the Year Award. 

Bishop also worked in China and learned to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. He came up with a stage name Bi Hansheng and appeared on several dating shows as well. 

After six years, the comedian participated in the Irish version of Dancing With the Stars finishing in eighth place with his dancing partner Giulia Dotta.

In 2016, the comedian also appeared in two TV series documentaries Gotham Comedy Live and Articulate with Jim Cotter

His experience living in multiple countries and observing societal concerns helped him to become a comedian and criticize things that need improvement.

The famous comedian appeared in several stand-up shows, including Live at the Comedy Store and Edinburgh Comedy Festival Live.

He also has several stand-up DVDs titled Live at the Vicar Street (2003), Live (2005), Fitting In (2006), Tongues (2007), and Dysfunctional (2009).

How Does Des Bishop Make Money?

Des Bishop earns most of his income by doing standup performances and through appearances on TV.

The famous comedian is also a host of the podcast Des Bishop Podcast, which contributes to his income and net worth. 

Bishop earns money from TV series being a comedian and actor, and participates in various events.

He also has a YouTube channel on which he posts videos of his comedy shows and gives his fans insights about news regarding his work. 

Key Lessons From Des Bishop’s Success

Now that we know more about Des Bishop net worth, we’re going to explore a few lessons from his success. Here are a few important takeaways from his journey.

Turn struggles in life into success

Throughout his life, Des Bishop dealt with social issues such as poverty. He was also dealing with health problems as he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in the year 2000. 

However, the hardships didn’t discourage the comedian from pursuing a career and becoming very successful.

Instead, he turned his life experiences into comedy material, inspiring many people around the world to work hard, become successful and overcome challenges. 

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Let inspiration guide you

Letting Kung Fu movies and martial art inspire him, Des Bishop felt impressed by China and its culture and learned the language with the goal of performing a stand-up show in Mandarin for his Chinese audience.

Learning the language gave the comedian an insight into Chinese culture. It also inspired him to do more comedy shows and TV show appearances. 

When he moved to Ireland, he was also passionate about learning Irish and doing comedy shows in Irish inspired by his experience living there.

His success story teaches us that having inspiration and motivation in life is very important for broadening our horizons and working toward our goals and aspirations.

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Show support to people you love

Des Bishop always wanted to write a show about his father, who nearly got the role of James Bond.

Michael Bishop gave up on his dream to become a star, while his son became a successful and an internationally-known comedian. 

Bishop’s father got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So the comedian planned a show that got his father the standing ovation he deserved in his career.

Bishop teaches us to show support to the people we love and do something that shows them gratitude.

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