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Damon Johnson Net Worth and How He Built His Wealth

In this article we’ll talk about Damon Johnson net worth, how he built his fortune, and key lessons from his career and path to success.

Who Is Damon Johnson

Damon Rogers Johnson, better known as Damon Johnson, is an American guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who was born in Macon, Georgia on July 13th, 1964.

During his elementary school years, Johnson resided in Monroeville, Alabama. There, along with fellow eighth-grade friends Pat Buskill, Mac Baker, Allen Nettles, and Troy Dobbins, he developed an obsession with the guitar and started his first garage band, which they called Renegade.

After some time, he and his family moved to Geraldine, Alabama and he finished his high school studies there. During this period he kept up with his passion and continued to perform with local bands in northeast Alabama.

Full Name: Damon Rogers Johnson
Known As: Damon Johnson
Born: July 13th, 1964 – Macon, Georgia, USA
Occupation: Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter
Net Worth: $3 million

Damon Johnson Net Worth and How He Achieved His Wealth

Damon Johnson net worth is approximately $3 Million. He amassed this fortune by working as guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. 

Johnson’s journey to fame began when he joined the regional bands Headline, Split the Dark, Georgia band Witness, Chinatown, and Chyld.

Virgin Records contacted Chyld, and they eventually entered a developmental agreement, This allowed Johnson to take on lead vocals and the band’s name was changed to Brother Cane.

In May 1993, Brother Cane released their debut album, and two singles, Got No Shame and That Don’t Satisfy Me, achieved chart success, reaching #2 and #6 respectively on the Billboard Mainstream Rock singles chart. Their follow-up album, Seeds, released on July 4, 1995, was even more successful in terms of sales.

The inclusion of Hung On a Rope, And Fools Shine On, 20/20 Faith, and Horses & Needles on the soundtrack of the horror classic Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is largely responsible for this popularity.

Wishpool, the group’s third and last album, was released on March 31, 1998. I Lie in the Bed I Make, a #1 Mainstream Rock chart single for Brother Cane, was released on this album.

More about his career

In the 1990s, Damon Johnson extensively toured with Brother Cane as both a lead act and a supporting act for well-known artists like Van Halen, Candlebox, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Robert Plant.

Johnson collaborated on the songs and played guitar for Sammy Hagar’s 1997 album Marching to Mars. He created most of the songs on his solo acoustic album, Dust, which was recorded and released in 2000. In 2001, he and Stevie Nicks co-wrote the song Every Day, which appeared on her album Trouble in Shangri-La.

He formed the side project Slave to the System that same year with producer Kelly Gray and drummer Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche. They jointly self-released their self-titled album in 2002, and Spitfire Records re-released it in 2006.

In 2012, Damon founded the band Black Star Riders with Jimmy DeGrasso and Marco Mendoza. However, in order to concentrate on his solo work, he parted ways with the band in 2018.

In 2021, under the band name Damon Johnson & The Get Ready, he issued another album titled Battlessons. The majority of 2021 and 2022 were spent on tour in support of the album by the band.

He joined Lynyrd Skynyrd in July 2021 to take Gary Rossington’s place. Ironically, he is the only band member who has ever resided in Alabama. So, the band’s most popular song, Sweet Home Alabama, now has official backing.

Brother Cane reunited in 2022 and played a few shows through the beginning of 2023. They haven’t performed together since 2013; this is their first time doing so in a long period of time.

Damon Johnson on Social Media

On Instagram, Damon has 5.471 Followers and he usually posts images of himself in his shows.

On Twitter, Damon has 10.1k Followers and he usually posts pictures of his band.

Key Takeaways from Damon Johnson Career

Follow your dreams

From a young age, Damon followed his dream. Doing what he loved brought him fame. He kept to his path, playing and collaborating with famous artists and bands.

This shows us we must try to pursue our dreams. Who knows? We could be successful in something we love.

Collaborate with other people that have your same dream

During his career, Johnson has collaborated with a lot of big names, both bands and artists. He has made a name for himself by being one of the most collaborative artists in the media and he has proven that he is worth having as a creative mind.

This teaches us that we have to be flexible like that, we don’t have to be afraid to share and collaborate with other people that have our same craft. Great things might happen as a result of joining minds to create something beautiful.

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