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Chayce Beckham Net Worth and How He Built His Fortune

Chayce Beckham is an American singer, songwriter and reality show personality with a net worth of $1 million.

He is known as the winner of season 19 of the widely-known reality singing show American Idol.

The singer performed his original song, winning the hearts of the public and leaving the judges in awe, after which he got a lot of votes.

The fans are fond of his voice and songs, so the singer has risen to global fame lately. 

He was also called to motivate the participants of season 20 of American Idol and share his success story and experience.

Aside from singing, Beckham also plays the guitar. He also has a lot of hobbies, and he likes spending time outdoors to get inspiration for his music. 

Full Name:Chayce Beckham
Born:July 18, 1996 – Apple Valley, California
Occupation:Singer, songwriter
Net Worth:$1 million

Early life

Beckham was born on July 18, 1996, in Apple Valley, California. His mother is Windie Petersen, but not much is known about the singer’s biological father.

The singer’s stepfather is Terry Beckham, and he also has two sisters, Tiffany and Madison Beckham.

Beckham attended Carmel Elementary School in Hesperia, Vanguard Preparatory School, and Sitting Bull Academy in his hometown.

However, at the age of 12, he moved to Glendora High School and continued his education at Whitcomb High School, graduating in 2014.

Chayce Beckham Net Worth and How He Achieved It

As of 2022, Chayce Beckham net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He generates most of his income through his singing career and making music, but he also has side gigs.


After getting his high-school diploma, Beckham worked as a heavy machinery operator. He then formed a reggae band called Sinking Sailors when he was 19 years old.

Later on, he bought his first guitar. Beckham was influenced by popular reggae singers who inspired him to dive into the musical world.

In 2018, the band released two EPs, titled Take It Easy and Long Sips and Bong Rips.

However, it is unclear where they disbanded completely. In 2020, Beckham auditioned for the reality show American Idol in Los Angeles, California.

He managed to reach the top five out of hundreds of participants and won the competition with the help of the fan’s votes. 

He gave an emotional performance of his own song, 23, which he wrote one year before coming to the show. His first single was a huge success and was ranked first on the iTunes chart. 

The singer has released a couple of songs, including Tell Me Twice, Keeping Me Up All Night, Love to Burn and Talk To Me.

The artist has also done a collaboration with another successful artist, the country pop singer Lindsay Ell and for their hit duet song Can’t Do Without Me.

How Does Chayce Beckham Make Money?

Chayce continues making music for his fans and has recently been on tour in two countries. The artist receives an impressive income from ticket sales and live performances.

The gifted songwriter has also signed with 19 Recordings Inc. and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

The talented musician released a video for his song Can’t Do Without Me and a new version of his song 23.

His songs being played on the radio stations and streamed by his fans on the music platforms also contribute to Chayce Beckham’s net worth. 

Aside from singing, Beckham also works at a construction rental company but hopes that he will be able to do his dream job full-time in the future.

The music career of the young artist has just started, so many hit singles are yet to come in the following years. 

Key Takeaways From His Success

Do things that make you happy

Two weeks before auditioning on the globally known show, Beckham was involved in a bad car accident.

However, this experience didn’t refrain him from pursuing his music career. Instead, the accident inspired him to start writing songs, and he used music as a form of therapy throughout his life. 

Beckham’s story shows that giving up should not be an option when you are on the path of pursuing your dream career.

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Having a support system is very important

At one point in his life, the singer was dealing with challenging times regarding his personal life. Certain situations in his life led him to alcoholism, and he found himself in a very dark place. 

Fortunately, the singer’s parents supported him every step of the way. Also, the music he created gave him something to rely on and positive to look at.

His story shows that having a support system in life is a crucial part of success, as sometimes the journey can become difficult and stressful.

Have a positive mindset

Although Beckham has been through a lot of difficult times in his life, he always found a way to stay positive and move forward, which is very inspiring.

The singer also likes spending time outdoors playing his guitar, and he teaches everyone to do things they love in their life.

Having a positive mindset is vital in life, as it helps overcome challenges, get opportunities, and focus on what is very important – your aspirations and goals.

Focus on your dreams

Beckham’s path to participating in one of the biggest TV shows for showcasing talent was not easy. However, the singer was focused on his goals.

His experience in the show made him more confident in his talent. Success means a lot to him, as he has expressed in his interviews.

The musician’s incredible story is a motivation for many young artists to always work towards their goals and stay focused on the path to success.

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