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Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Brooke Ashley Hall is a well-known American social media personality who has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

She is known for her lip-sync, dancing, fashion-related videos, and YouTube content with her husband. 

Hall has gained a massive following across various social media platforms.

The model and social media personality regularly posts content related to fashion, fitness, and makeup on social media. 

Full Name: Brooke Ashley Hall
Born: April 19, 1993 – Warren, Ohio, USA
Occupation: Social media personality
Partner: Marco Hall
Net Worth: $1 million

Early life

The social media star was born on the 19th of April 1993 in Warren, Ohio, USA. She was raised in a Christian household.

Her father was a businessman, while her mother stayed home to care for the children. 

Hall is of multiracial ethnicity and American nationality. Only a little information about her childhood, family, and siblings is available to the public, as Hall prefers to keep it private. 

Hall attended high school in her hometown and developed a passion for fashion, music, and modeling from a young age.

She enrolled in a local private university to study nursing and eventually graduated. 

Personal life

Hall is married to the famous American boxer and social media influencer Marco Hall. The couple has two children together Mar’Cannon and Caedon.

Hall also has a son Braylon, from her previous relationship. Hall currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, together with her family. 

Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth and How She Makes Money

As of 2023, Brooke Ashley Hall net worth is around $1 million. Most of her income comes from her posts and videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

The endorsement deals with a wide range of fitness and fashion brands contribute to Brooke Ashley Hall overall net worth. 

How Brooke Ashley Hall makes money

Hall is a full-time content creator that makes money by promoting various products by well-known beauty and fashion brands on Instagram.

She generates income from ad revenue and the views she receives on her social media platforms.

The influencer also makes money by selling her own products. Her followers can purchase digital products on her website, such as self-care notebooks, e-books, stickers, fonts, and presets.

They can also buy Hall’s top picks regarding skincare products. 

Brooke Ashley Hall Career


Before becoming an influencer, Hall worked as a licensed practical nurse. However, she always dreamed of becoming a celebrity.

She is widely recognized for the family YouTube channel The Beverly Halls, which she shares with her husband.

They launched the channel on the 10th of July 2014 and have gained a massive following since. The couple uploads various content, including vlogs, challenges, and pranks. Their children often contribute to the videos. 

Two years later, on the 4th of June, Hall created her self-titled YouTube channel. There, the social media star uploads fashion and make-up-related content and hacks. 


Hall gained a large following from her YouTube channels. Once TikTok began rising in popularity, she decided to join the platform.

Initially, she joined for fun but later realized the platform could be beneficial for her career. 

The influencer and her husband shared a passion for content creation. They started uploading couples’ videos, and their content started to take off. The influencer regularly posts content on TikTok, promoting products and services from brands. 

Brooke Ashley Hall Quotes

  • “When you love something, you don’t lack motivation to do it. You will always make time for it. If not, it might not be what you want.”
  • “16-year-old me with a baby who had to sleep in a cardboard box with pillows because I couldn’t afford a crib. Now I finally have my beautifully blended dream family, we beat the odds. It was hard, but we made it.” 

Her Presence on Social Media

Brook Hall’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 154K subscribers. The channel she shares with her husband, The Beverly Halls, has over 6.87 million subscribers.

The couple also made a channel, The Beverly Hall Boys, with 79.4K subscribers. 

The popular content creator is active on social media. Hall’s Instagram account has more than 1.1 million followers.

There, the social media star regularly makes posts about her family and lifestyle.

3 Key Takeaways From Brooke Ashley Hall’s Success

Don’t give up on your goals

Hall is a well-known social media influencer who lives a luxurious lifestyle with her family. However, her life wasn’t always like that.

When she became a mum at only 16 years old, she couldn’t afford a crib and had to place her son in a cardboard box.

Now thankfully, for her career on social media, she is able to afford a comfortable life for her children.

Brooke has always been passionate about being famous and successful, and she worked towards achieving her main goal. 

Take advantage of opportunities in your life

Given she wanted to become a social media influencer, Hall created her YouTube channel, where she posted various content. However, she didn’t stop there. 

The content creator started a channel with her husband and joined TikTok to share her talent and creativity with her followers.

Her dedication and willingness to succeed have contributed to her success. 

She uploads diverse content and works with different influencers, which has helped her reach a large following.

Hall was not afraid to take advantage of new opportunities for her career, which is very important in every field.

Pursue your dream career

Growing up, Hall developed an interest in fashion, dancing, and modeling.

Even though she worked as a licensed practical nurse, she pursued her dream of becoming a fashion model and celebrity. 

Hall stays true to herself, and she is confident in what she does. She stayed consistent and determined throughout her journey for success, inspiring many fans worldwide.

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