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Surveys for Money: 7 Best Survey Sites in 2023

Are you interested in earning extra money on the side? Check this article, find the best survey sites in 2022, and create an account to make some easy cash.

Online surveys are a great opportunity for small earnings on the side. Usually, they’re easily structured, with simple questions, and don’t require a Ph.D. to get to the end.

Who doesn’t want to get a few extra bucks just by answering easy questions? Well, we all want to earn as much as possible. While these surveys are not a substitute for a full-time job, they can add a penny to the piggy bank.

Check the best survey sites in 2022, so you can pick one and register for upcoming paid surveys.

Best Survey Sites in 2022

Before we start with the top survey sites, it’s very important to note that the earnings per survey are small.

Participating in online surveys is not a substitute for a full-time job money-wise, even if you spend hours on the questionnaires.

Still, if you do proper research and choose a reliable website, you’ll be able to get paid for your opinion, which is a great way to earn extra cash.

Opinion Price

Opinion Price is a reliable research panel offering rewards, gift cards, and cash to people who participate in surveys about various companies.

It works as an invite-only research pane, meaning you can apply to join the network, but you can only register if the site invites you.

The invite-only process is the only drawback of this website. Still, if you receive an invitation, you can participate in online paid surveys about numerous brands’ products.

Opinion Price collaborates with over 500 brands, such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Nike, Apple, etc. The site adds around 100 surveys per week on average, although this varies.

For instance, the site says there are over 150 added surveys this week.

Participants can earn $15-$65/h per survey. However, keep in mind that the earnings vary.

This website has high ratings on review platforms. Trustpilot gives it a 4.8/5 rating, while Scamadviser and Sitejabber give it a 5/5 rating.


This website offers the best way to earn money – by tasting food and answering questions about its taste, smell, appearance, texture, etc.

FlavorWiki has a fantastic concept, which is why so many people have tried its surveys.

However, we decided to include FlavorWiki on our best survey sites list because it’s reliable.

It has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot and numerous positive reviews from participants.

The participation in surveys is a bit different than usual. You have to purchase the products, follow instructions, and then answer product-related questions.

Regarding money, these surveys aren’t paid too much, but participants say they can reimburse the bought products and get a few extra bucks.

The TrustPilot reviews also reveal that FlavorWiki pays the money regularly.

Branded Surveys

This one is a brand among paid survey sites, hence the name. Branded Surveys is a trustworthy website for paid surveys with ten years of experience.

It provides easy-to-do questionnaires where people can share their opinions on particular products, brands, and services and get paid for their participation in cash or gift cards.

Usually, surveys are paid around $1-$3. Still, there are some specific surveys that can pay up to $20.

Branded Surveys is rated 4.3/5 on TrustPilot from 63,428 reviews and has a 92/100 trust score on Scamadviser.


Swagbucks, a well-known loyalty and consumer rewards program, has been providing online paid surveys since 2008.

Participants earn rewards and cash through a points system. They get points for each task they do and redeem them for rewards.

100 SB points give $1 in rewards, and people can withdraw them once if they have a minimum of $5. Usually, shorter surveys are paid $0.50-$1.50.

However, Swagbucks also offers surveys designed for a particular audience or longer surveys that can go up to $20.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and opinion, people trust Swagbucks.

Even though most wish the surveys were paid more, they’re satisfied with payments without delays and rank Swagbucks with 4.3/5 on TrustPilot.

The algorithms of Scamadviser give the site a 100/100 trust score.

Survey Junkie

Our list of the best survey sites wouldn’t be complete without Survey Junkie, a community with more than ten million members.

This website offers two ways you can earn money. You can join surveys in exchange for rewards or share digital browsing behaviors.

Survey Junkie is a survey that pays instantly. However, instantly paying means you have to complete the survey and redeem your points. After that, you’ll receive the money in a few business days. Keep in mind that the time you’ll wait varies.

Usually, surveys take from 5 to 30 minutes, and you can earn $0.50-$3.00.

Of course, the surveys may vary in length and topic, and thus, give you more/fewer points.

Ipsos iSay

The TrustPilot rating for Ipsos iSay is 4.2/5 from 43,153 reviews. This excellent score is not surprising, given that Ipsos iSay is an online survey site for money with a long experience.

Through Ipsos iSay, you can access various surveys, earn points, and redeem them for gift cards, virtual prepaid cards, charitable donations, and other rewards found in the Rewards Catalog.

Ipsos iSay has a similar points system to the previous websites. One hundred points equal $1 in rewards. Ipsos iSay also offers polls.

However, as FrugalForLess says in this review, the polls are for fun and don’t give you points.

The weak side of this website is that surveys aren’t some of the highest-paid ones. You can earn around $1 per survey, depending on its type and length.


With more than two decades of experience, InboxDollars is one of the most transparent and reliable paid online survey sites. According to the website, it has paid over $80 million in cash rewards so far.

Besides the paid online surveys, InboxDollars offers other ways you can earn money. You can play games, read emails, or get cashback for online shopping and grocery cash rewards.

You can earn from $0.5 to $5 on most surveys, which typically take from 3-25 minutes to complete. Of course, there are various survey types, and you can earn more money by participating in surveys designed for a particular audience.

InboxDollars has a 4.2/5 Trustpilot rating calculated from 33,501 reviews, of which around 65% a 5-star. Besides earning easy money, people also choose InboxDollars for its $5 welcome bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a living off paid surveys?

Although technically, you may earn up to $20 per survey or more, you can’t make a living by participating in surveys.

Most surveys will bring you an average of $1.5.

Also, there’s no guarantee the site where you registered will publish surveys daily or that you’ll be qualified to participate.

Are online surveys safe?

There are a lot of scammers, so you have to be extremely careful.

Since you’re giving your personal information, you should always research before creating an account on a particular website.

Check the reviews on as many review platforms as possible. Also, don’t forget to read the conditions found on the official website.

If you’re not comfortable with sharing particular information, don’t use the site.

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Do I have to pay to participate in an online survey for money?

No. The best survey sites won’t take money from you to participate in a survey.

They collaborate with companies that want to test their products or services and are willing to pay unbiased individuals to answer product-related questions.

So, if the website asks for money, you should not use it.

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Can I earn $100 daily via online surveys?

You should stay away from online survey sites that give unrealistic promises.

Some websites advertise you’ll earn $100 per survey. This is so unrealistic that it’s ridiculous.

A research panel may collaborate with a particular company that is willing to pay more for a survey.

However, this is rare and usually designed for a particular audience, such as people with PhDs in math from 30-40 years old, people with specific pets, people who suffered a particular disease, etc.

There are millions of examples. 

The point is such highly-paid surveys are rare.

So, promising you’ll earn fast cash each day is basically a direct indicator of fraud. If you see something like this on a website, you should stay away.

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So, this is it!

We shared with you the best survey sites that pay money for your participation and correctly completing the tasks.

After thorough research and trying these websites, we can conclude that they’re reliable.

Not to mention, they use various security systems, which is very important because the participants must provide personal information.

Our recommendation is to research thoroughly the site you want to register for. Participating in surveys can be a lot of fun, and you can earn some good money on the side.

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