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8 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers in the US

In this article we will talk about the highest paying plasma donation centers in the US, how much they pay and how each of them pays.

Almost everyone has donated money at least once in their life to help someone in need.

Knowing you have helped someone pay their bills, eat their lunch or drink a warm cup of coffee makes anyone feel good. However, donating plasma is more than that. You can save someone’s life.

Not to mention, there are hundreds of centers in the US that compensate you every time you donate.

So, if you want to be a modern hero, continue reading our article to find the highest paying plasma donation centers in the US. 

What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the largest part of our blood and it’s basically the fluid that carries the blood components – white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets – throughout our body. 

This liquid makes up around 55% of the overall blood content in our bodies.

Even though the plasma is a large part of our blood, it contains 91% to 92% of water and 8% to 9% of solids. As explained in NCBI, it mainly contains:

  • Coagulants,
  • Plasma proteins, 
  • Electrolytes,
  • Immunoglobulins and various other small amounts of enzymes, hormones, and vitamins.

Why Is Plasma Needed?

As mentioned on Grifols Plasma website, plasma is the key component in many lifesaving medicines.

Plasma has a transporting role. This means that it delivers nutrients, proteins, and hormones to the various parts of the body.

Blood plasma has a crucial role in aiding in blood clotting, preventing shock, and boosting blood volume. 

Typically, patients with trauma, injuries, burns, clotting factor deficiencies, and those who suffer from severe infections and liver failure need plasma transfusion.

How Much Can You Earn Donating Plasma?

The amount of money you can earn depends on the center you choose, your weight and the frequency of your donations.

Usually, plasma centers pay from $20 to $50 per donation on average.

You should also know that plasma donation centers are private businesses. 

Many of them offer various pay tiers, compensation programs, bonuses, and rewards, which directly impact the amount of money you can earn.

It’s important to note that you can donate plasma more frequently than blood. Therefore, you can  earn more money from this donation type every month. 

As we mentioned, your earnings are also directly related to your weight since people with more weight have more plasma to donate.

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers

In this section, we are going to take a look at the most reliable and highest paying plasma donation centers in the US. 

Before we start, you should keep in mind that we’ll share information provided by these centers, which may or may not vary in each region. 

Also, as previously mentioned, the money you can earn depends on multiple factors, which is why you should talk to the center’s representatives if you’re interested in donating.

1. BioLife Plasma

BioLife Plasma is one of the most trustworthy plasma centers in the US. The company works in 36 states, with some states offering centers in multiple locations.

You can find a BioLife Plasma near you on this page.

The reason why BioLife is one of the highest paying plasma donation centers is that it offers various coupons, rewards, new-donor promotions, etc.

How much does BioLife Plasma pay?

BioLife Plasma pays around $30 to $40 per visit. It’s crucial to understand that the payments vary depending on the state and even may differ from one location to another in the same state.

Since BioLife has various promotions, the center near you may have an $80 rate per week ($20 for the first visit and $60 for the second), while another center may have a $70 rate. Therefore, it’s best to select your state and city and contact the center to know more about compensations.

At this moment, there’s a new promotion that varies slightly depending on the location. This promotion offers up to $950 for new donors if they make eight donations. 

Of course, this is not the only promotion from the donation center. That’s why you should visit the website and regularly check what’s new to get the best offer.

How does BioLife Plasma pay?

BioLife compensates donors for their time and effort to save lives via a prepaid debit card. The center sends money each time you donate plasma, and you can use this card for shopping, paying, or withdrawing money from an ATM – wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted.

2. CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma is a globally-known plasma collector that operates in more than 300 locations. 

In the US, the company has centers in more than 40 states. 

CSL Plasma is considered one of the largest plasma collectors in the world. However, many donors prefer this company not because of its easily available locations but because of its payments, bonuses, and promotions.

How much does CSL Plasma pay?

CSL Plasma compensates the donors for around $40-$60 per visit. Of course, the payments vary depending on the location, the donor’s weight, and whether the donor takes advantage of an ongoing promotion.

It’s important to note that new donors can earn up to $1,000 in their first month. You should keep in mind, however, that this offer is not available in every location.

highest paying plasma donation centers CSL Plasma

How does CSL Plasma pay?

They pay donors on a prepaid debit card for each visit. Donors can also collect points through the iGive Rewards program and redeem them for cash or a special deal when available. 

The program has multiple levels, and reaching a new level gives additional benefits.

3. Interstate Blood Bank

Interstate Blood Bank is a reputable blood bank that was one of the founding companies of ABRA (American Blood Resources Association), now known as PPTA. 

The center has been in business since 1949 and today has ten plasma-only centers in the US.

How much does Interstate Blood Bank pay?

Interstate Blood Bank Inc. (IBBI) pays up to $50 per visit. However, the Facebook post from the center in Madison, WI, posted that new donors can earn up to $40 and $50 for their first two donations.

If you want to learn how much money you’ll earn for donating plasma at one of the IBBI centers, you have to call the preferred center and talk to the representatives.

That’s because each center offers different payments, which also depend on your status (applicant or experienced donor) and your weight.

Additionally, the center offers various refer-to-a-friend payments, promotions, holiday rewards, etc.

How does Interstate Blood Bank pay?

Unfortunately, the company’s official website doesn’t provide information regarding the payment method they use. 

Our research showed that each center has its own method, but considering most collectors pay via prepaid debit card, they probably do the same.

4. ImmunoTek Bio Centers

Established in 2013, ImmunoTek is one of the largest independent plasma donation centers in the US. 

Through its operating years, ImmunoTek has collected more than six million donations through its centers in 12 states. The last state to join the club was Kentucky in August 2022, becoming the 67th center in the US.

How much does ImmunoTek pay?

The approximate amount of money you can earn by donating plasma at ImmunoTek is $50 per donation. 

Like the previous center we reviewed, ImmunoTek also has different payments depending on the location and the amount of plasma you’ll donate.

How does ImmunoTek pay?

According to the website, ImmunoTek compensates donors for their time and effort on a prepaid debit card. The center issues the compensation to the debit card after each donation.

5. Grifols

Grifols has some of the best donor deals, which is why it’s one of the highest paying plasma donation centers. 

The company develops, produces, and provides healthcare services, plasma-derived medicines, and transfusion medicine.

Regarding plasma donation, Grifols has a vast network of donation centers (more than 400) spread across North America, Africa, China, the Middle East, and Europe.

How much does Grifols pay for each plasma donation?

Grifols is a large company and, like the other centers in this list, doesn’t have the same fee for every donor in every location. Various centers host different promotions.

So, one donor can make $40 and $115 for their first two donations, while another donor may make $30 and $105 for their first two donations.

Grifols has special offers for new members, giving an opportunity to earn up to $800 for the first eight donations.

Of course, these offers, as well as the promotions and coupons, vary from location to location.

How does Grifols pay?

Grifols will pay for your plasma donations by giving you a Grifols prepaid Visa debit card.

You’ll receive compensation on the debit card each time you donate plasma.

6. KedPlasma

Established in 2004, KedPlasma works as a plasma collector, and it collaborates with Kedrion Biopharma, another company that produces plasma-derived medicine. 

KedPlasma operates through 30 centers across the US.

How much does KedPlasma pay?

KedPlasma pays up to $50 per visit. As you already know, the payments vary depending on the location, that is, the center you choose and how much plasma you will donate.

KedPlasma has a very interesting reward program called KedRewards.

What is the KedRewards program?

This program rewards donors with special bonuses, special member offers and additional compensation through points.

Every donor can collect points after each successful donation, on the day of their birthday, every time they complete a survey, and at each donation milestone.

Donors can redeem these points for prizes and benefits.

To enroll you can visit the program official page and follow all the instructions. Keep in mind that you will be eligible only after having donated at least once with KedPlasma.

How does KedPlasma pay?

KedPlasma states that you have to contact your local center for more specific information about compensation, as each center has different methods, fees and payment schedules.

According to their website, the company pays the additional compensation coming from the KedRewards program via a Wirecard prepaid card. 

7. Octapharma Plasma

Octapharma is a globally-known company with a long history, and it was established in 1983. 

The plasma collector center, Octapharma Plasma, was founded in 2007 in the US. 

How much does Octapharma pay?

Donors can earn approximately up to $50 per donation, with some centers offering up to $65 per visit.

It goes without saying that Octapharma Plasma offers numerous promotions and rewards, including gift cards.

Clients can also earn points through the referral program and redeem them for money and gifts.

Additionally, you should know that new donors can earn up to $800 in their first month.

However, this amount can go up if there’s a special promotion.

How does Octapharma pay?

Donors are paid via an Octapharma Plasma prepaid card within 24 hours after each donation. 

The company has two debit card providers, Northlane Debit Card and Comdata Debit Card.

8. BPL Plasma

BPL Plasma is a part of the Bio Products Laboratory and has worked in the plasma collection industry for more than 25 years. Currently, this company has plasma donation centers in nine states in the US.

How much does BPL Plasma pay?

Generally speaking, donors may earn up to $300 per month from donating plasma at BPL Plasma. The collector pays from $20 up to $50 per donation. However, clients can earn a lot more through the company’s referral program and rewards.

New donors can enjoy benefits too. When you combine the rewards, referral bonuses, and promotions, you may earn up to $75 per visit.

How does BPL Plasma pay?

BPL Plasma pays donors for their contribution and time via debit cards that can be used for purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plasma centers pay the most?

The plasma centers that pay the most are BioLife, CSL, and Grifols – taking into consideration the promotions offered.

Who can donate plasma, and what are the things that can disqualify you from donating?

It’s important to keep in mind that not all people can be plasma donors. If you want to donate, you have to meet the following criteria:
– The donor has to be 18-65 years old;
– The donor has to weigh at least 110 pounds;
– They must have all required documentation;
– They must pass all tests before donating plasma.
Additional requirements may apply depending on the donation center. Therefore, we advise you to consult with the center’s employees and thoroughly read the instructions.

What are the things that may disqualify you from donating plasma?

– Low or high blood pressure/pulse/temperature;
– If hematocrit is out of the required range;
– Positive tests for infectious diseases;
– Taking certain medication.

Of course, each center may have additional requirements. For instance, some centers don’t collect plasma from donors that have recent tattoos. 
That’s why you should always get familiar with the eligibility criteria before making an appointment.

How often can you donate plasma?

The FDA regulations regarding plasma donation are clear. You can donate plasma every two days but no more than twice in seven days.

How long does each visit last?

The first time you donate plasma the entire procedure  will take around two hours. If you use the same center for your following visits, the donation may take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Is it safe to donate plasma?

It’s completely safe for healthy adults to donate plasma. However, although most people don’t experience side effects, some may feel exhausted or dizzy. 
It’s recommended to always talk with your doctor before donating plasma.

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We shared with you the highest paying plasma donation centers, and we hope that the company you’ll choose has a plasma donation center near you. 

We strongly advise you to monitor your health and always talk to your doctor.

If you’re healthy, you’ll be able to help someone and maybe even save someone’s life. Not to mention, these plasma centers will pay for your kindness and effort.

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