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How to Really Make $200 a Day: 8 Proven Ways

If you want to learn to make $200 a day, you’re in the right place.

Whether you want to increase your monthly income or boost your savings, finding a side job online is easy these days.

Well, it’s easy if you know what your skills are and what you expect from a job.

How to Make $200 a Day

The side jobs we’ll mention below are not something experimental. Many people tried them and succeeded.

Some were so successful that they quit their 9 to 5 and went full-time on their side hustle, making a lot of money.

So, your success will depend on your skills and how much time and effort you’ll invest.

Let’s see some things you can try to earn $200 a day.

1. Build a niche site and monetize it

Niche sites are my favorite way to make $200 or more every day. I make at least $3,500 per month with this online business model.

Here’s the proof:

Daily earnings with display ads – Screenshot from my Mediavine dashboard

All you have to do is create a website that focuses on a specific niche and consistently publish helpful content.

In order to attract traffic, you will have to not only create great content but also optimize it for the right keywords.

If you’re interested in learning everything about niche sites and becoming a six-figure blogger, this course is the smartest investment you can make:

2. Become an online friend

Now, this is definitely for you if you have good communication skills and enjoy spending time with others. If you’re a person who wants to chat and meet new people, this side hustle will be very enjoyable for you.

You can look for platforms that act as an online bridge between online friends and people who are looking for these services.

There are many choices.

For example, you can give emotional support to someone who just needs to talk or chat with someone with similar hobbies. 

Also, many people pay for these services to learn to speak a new language.

For those wondering how to make $200 a day, being an online friend is one of the best ways to do it.

It doesn’t require investing. And you can earn a lot of money.

For instance, on platforms like Rent A Cyber Friend, you can earn $15 to $30/hour.

However, there are platforms where you can get paid to flirt online and even earn around $80 per hour.

3. Dropshipping

Another way to make $200 a day is to start a dropshipping business, which is great for both experienced and first-time entrepreneurs.

That’s because starting this business doesn’t cost too much. And it’s not too difficult.

So, how to start dropshipping? First, you need to learn how it works. You can do this watching tutorials on Youtube. There’s a lot of useful content around the topic, but I recommend this channel.

It’s the best one. And there’s where I learned everything about dropshipping.

Then you need a plan. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight. You have to choose a dropshipping idea by conducting thorough market research.

We also recommend checking your potential competitors. It’s crucial to find out what they’re doing, which suppliers they’re using, and their marketing strategies.

After you choose your niche, you have to find a supplier. You should collaborate with reliable companies that have quality products. 

Next, you have to build your store and market it.

You can use paid ads, but that’s not the best option, as organic traffic is more profitable.

what is dropshipping
Infographic created by the author

4. Rent your car or items

Just like earning money from renting your home, you can also earn by renting your car.

If your car is in good condition and fully functional, you can make around $20/h for renting it.

Of course, there are various websites where you can offer your vehicle, including but not limited to Turo and GetAround.

You have to share information about the car, such as manufacturer, model, ownership proof, etc.

The best part is that you can rent it according to your schedule. For instance, you can rent it during your working hours. Or during the weekend.

Besides your car, you can also list other items and products to rent. There are numerous platforms where people are looking for specific items to rent. 

E.g., you can rent your photography equipment on sites like ShareGrid or rent books on CampusBooks. Renting things is truly a fast way to make money without investing.

5. Food delivery

Becoming a delivery man is not a side job that requires additional learning or investing, except having a driving license. 

The positive side of this is that it’s suitable for people who don’t want to spend all day staring at the computer or learning new skills online.

You can deliver food, various items people purchase online, groceries, etc.

Check some mobile apps, like DoorDash, and browse the meal orders you can deliver. Or, you can try the Shipt Shopper app for approximately $15 to $25 per hour.

If you’re wondering how to make $200 a day with Instacart, you’ll be glad to hear that Instacart is great for a side hustle. The average earnings range from around $7 to $26 per hour.

Uber Eats

We address Uber Eats in a separate category because we found many videos from people claiming they earned $1,000 per week. We want to note that this is possible but may not be achievable for everyone.

Uber Eats drivers earn approximately $17 per hour. Drivers in cities like New York or Austin may earn about $30, while those in St. Louis as low as $13 per hour.

As you can see, the rates vary, and multiple factors can determine how much money you’ll earn. Factors that are not up to you.

We recommend you consider everything before becoming an Uber Eats driver.

6. Rent properties

This is an excellent opportunity to earn money. The best part is that you have many options. For instance, you can rent your entire place while on vacation or rent your spare room and meet some tourists.

Try Airbnb or VRBO, create a profile, and offer your unit. These platforms will allow you to set a price and accept or decline customers.

If you decide to rent an extra space you have, like your home, spare bedroom, an entire floor, etc., you won’t have to invest too much.

Make long-term or short-term deals with the space you already have and boost your income easily.

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7. Freelance work

If you have skills you can offer, you can work as a freelancer full-time or as a side job.

Many people who work with 3D modeling, graphic design, photo editing, SEO, content writing, etc., use platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find clients.

How much money you’ll earn as a freelancer varies based on your skills and the services you offer. It also depends on the quality you provide.

8. OnlyFans for quick cash

First things first – keep in mind that OnlyFans is not a platform for adult content only.

The adult industry is widespread on this platform because of the content policies, which are freer than using other social platforms.

So, it’s true that you can make $200 and even more by sharing adult content with your subscribers. But you can also earn by modeling, gaming, cooking, sharing blogs, videos, tutorials, etc.

There are multiple ways to earn through this platform. Usually, people make money through subscriptions, but some earn money through affiliate marketing, donations, tips, and sponsored content.

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Can you make $200 a day with paid surveys?

Although not entirely impossible, it’s most unlikely you’ll make $200 a day by participating in online surveys. 

Usually, online paid surveys about products, brands, and services pay from $1 up to $20 per survey and take around 30 minutes to complete.

One survey site may invite you to several surveys in one day, but it won’t be enough to earn $200. 

On the other hand, there are some surveys designed for specific audience types that may bring you $50 and even $100. However, these surveys are rare.

Even if you qualify, you won’t find a $200-survey every day.

But you can combine this method with other income channels if you want to make $200 a day.

Do virtual assistants earn $200 a day?

Many virtual assistants make $200 a day or more.

People who work as virtual assistants set their own rates. Some reports show that assistants earn an average of $20/hour. 

However, virtual assistant is a generic term. So, the tasks vary and consequently the earnings too.

For example, if you answer phone calls for your client, you’ll be paid less than if you answer calls and read and write emails. Also, scheduling appointments is not paid the same as performing market research.

So, if you’re a beginner and can’t decide about your rate, you should research and check how much money other assistants ask.

Keep in mind that you should set your rate according to your skills.


Fortunately, making $200 a day is possible and easy if you know where to look for a side hustle.

Keep in mind that the ideas we shared are just a small number in the sea of opportunities you have.

The key is to combine several income sources and be persistent and positive.

Try some jobs that are investment-free and see how it goes.

If you’re not satisfied with one job, try another one. 

You don’t need to quit your full-time job to make this work. You only have to research, read other people’s experiences and believe in yourself.

We hope our article on how to make $200 a day included a side-job idea you liked.

Good luck!

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