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Andrew Schulz Net Worth and How He Amassed His Fortune

In this article we will talk about Andrew Schulz net worth, how he achieved it, and key lessons from his success.

Who Is Andrew Schulz?

Andrew Cameron Schulz is an American stand-up comedian, a well-known TV personality, podcaster, and producer who has made appearances in several popular shows.

He is an entertainer who has taken advantage of diverse opportunities when it comes to comedy and acting.

The comedian has been writing and hosting for MTV2, Netflix and Amazon and performing live stand-up comedy shows.

Full Name:Andrew Cameron Schulz
Known As:Andrew Schulz
Occupation:Stand-up comedian, TV personality, podcaster
Born:October 30, 1983 – New York City, US
Net Worth:$4 million

Early life

Andrew Schulz was born in New York City, US, on October 30, 1983.

His mother, Sandra Cameron, is a professional ballroom dancer, whereas his father is an American military veteran and a former reporter. 

Both his parents owned the Sandra Cameron Dance Center for over thirty years. He also has a younger brother named Greg. Schulz is a highly-educated individual.

He attended the Lillie Devereaux Blake Primary School and later went to Robert F. Wagner Middle School. 

The comedian also attended the Baruch College Campus High School and earned a BA degree in psychology from the University of California in Santa Barbara.

During that time, Schulz discovered his passion for comedy and decided it was a career path he would like to pursue. 

Andrew Schulz Net Worth and How He Achieved It

Andrew Schulz net worth is estimated to be $4 million, as of 2023. While most of his income comes from his comedy shows, the entertainer also has other ventures. 

Comedy career

Schulz was working as a restaurant manager when he was asked to perform stand-up comedy on one of the comedy nights.

Although the performance wasn’t very successful, Schulz decided that he wanted to continue that path and become a comedian. 

Andrew Schulz became a regular at Comedy Village and performed at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Scotland. That experience was his first debut in the comedy world. 

In 2017, he uploaded his first YouTube comedy special, 4:4:1.

The next year, he released a comedy album known as 5:5:1.

The album was well-received by the audience and topped the music charts on Apple, Google Play, and iTunes. Moreover, the album peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Comedy Album chart. 

Acting career

Schulz landed his first acting role in 2009, starring in a web series, Rise of the Radio Show.

He is also recognized for appearing on MTV2’s Guy Code and its spin-offs. In 2014, the well-known comedian hosted the comedy show Jobs That Don’t Suck

The following year, Schulz was playing Paul Rosenberg in the American sitcom Benders.

He was also featured in Amazon’s crime drama series called Sneaky Pete and appeared in the Hulu series There’s…Johnny!

Schulz guest-starred on the HBO comedy series Crashing in 2018, and two years later, he got his own Netflix special, Schulz Saves America

The well-known comedian has appeared on some of the most-watched TV shows. Such shows include Big Morning Buzz Live, Sneaky Peak, as well as Acting Out, and Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne.

In terms of films, he has made appearances in The Female Brain, the documentary film No Life Spaces, the comedy film Feast of The Seven Fishes, and others. 

He is also in the cast of the recent movie You People.

More about his career

In 2020, Schulz decided to go on his first stand-up tour due to the success of his album and comedy special.

He also signed up with 800 Pound Gorilla Records to release his comedy albums Views from the Cis and Brilliant Idiot

How Does Andrew Schulz Make Money?

Andrew Schulz is currently co-hosting the podcast The Brilliant Idiots and is co-hosting the podcast Flagrant 2 along with other fellow comedians.

The team sells merch to his fans, which is another income source for the talented comedian. 

Schulz also has a successful YouTube channel where he posts his comedy performances. He is one of the most reviewed stand-up comedians on this platform.

His channel has over 2.5 million followers and earns thousands of dollars in ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate commissions each month. 

Andrew also frequently does live comedy shows and tours that get sold out and gathers impressive income from selling tickets.

His Flagrant 2 podcast also has a Patreon page that reportedly earns Schulz millions of dollars a year. Andrew Schulz is also accredited as a television producer and an influencer. 

Key Lessons From Andrew Schulz’s Success

Don’t get discouraged if you fail

Schulz’s first comedy performance at the restaurant where he was working went poorly, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing comedy as a career.

Nowadays, he is one of the wealthiest comedians in the world, with an admirable net worth and a massive social media following.

Schulz’s life experiences teach us that we shouldn’t be discouraged even if we fail at doing something at some point in our lives. 

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Work hard until you make it

Schulz’s success didn’t happen overnight. Instead, he worked very hard to enjoy the success and lifestyle he has now.

As he became one of the most successful entertainers on the comedy scene, the networks that rejected him before are now trying to sign him.

Schulz’s career is a valuable lesson for many, showing that even when rejected, we shouldn’t give up on our dream careers.

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Become confident

Self-doubt is something everyone experiences throughout life, and Schulz was no exception.

However, according to the talented comedian, we should all determine where our insecurities come from and turn them into confidence to be able to do more in life.

He believes in finding balance in life, meaning that one should be confident in what one does but also be able to work to improve.

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Don’t take things too seriously

The American comedian was able to make a fortune by making people laugh.

He has always had a positive mindset and sent good vibes to people around him.

Life is full of challenges, but the most important thing is not to take things too seriously. Adding humor to your life will make you feel better and relieve tension in your life.

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