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The Truth About Why Alpha Empaths Are Excellent Leaders

In this article we are going to talk about why alpha empaths are excellent leaders and the key traits that define them.

We don’t often equate sensitivity with strength, and yet the most powerful leaders among us often possess both qualities. It’s sad if you think about it. The world tends to dismiss deeply feeling people as weak when it couldn’t be further from the truth — in the same way arrogant, aggressive people are thought of as strong when most are very fragile indeed.

Which brings us to the alpha empath, the intersection of strong and sensitive.

What Is an Alpha Empath?

In the world of social archetypes, alphas reign supreme. They’re considered the top of the food chain when it comes to social power. They are commonly known as the leader of the pack.

Empaths are people who experience the feelings of others deeply — so deeply, in fact, that it’s as if the line between “self” and “other” blurs. They can feel the feelings of others acutely and immediately sense what is not being said.

An alpha empath possesses alpha personality traits with empathic sensibilities. They are neither one nor the other but instead a combination of the two. It’s an unusual combination to be sure.

In fact, you might not think “alpha” and associate it with sensitivity. Someone can be an alpha who’s not an empath. They can display leadership, assertiveness, confidence, and a fiercely competitive way of being without being compassionate or in tune with others. Someone can also be an empath who’s not an alpha — a person who can read the room but not lead the room.

Traits That Make Alpha Empaths Excellent Leaders

The alpha empath possesses many powerful traits that set them apart from other personality types. These traits combine the alpha’s leadership mentality with the empath’s deft skill in dealing with others.

They Bring Sensitivity to Leadership

One of the primary traits of an alpha empath is that they are sensitive leaders. They consider the feelings of others as they lead, never dismissing others even when it’s convenient or expedient. They pay attention to the mood of the team and make decisions based on what is best for the team as a whole.

The sensitivity of the alpha empath doesn’t make them a weak leader. Instead, it makes them powerful. They’re in touch with their own feelings but can also extend compassion to the people around them. It makes them powerful when it comes to networking, supervisory responsibilities, and even delegating duties.

They Inspire Rather Than Intimidate

Not all alphas inspire admiration. Many of them don’t even desire it. The typical alpha might inspire fear, but the alpha empath inspires admiration. People don’t follow them based on strength or power alone.

They follow the alpha empath because of their innate gift for leading with kindness, authenticity, and compassion.

They’re Adept at Communication

You’ll notice that the alpha empath in your life is often a master of compromise and communication. Because they are sensitive and strong, they can approach conflict directly to find a solution. They don’t shy away from disagreements and are willing to negotiate to find an answer that works for everyone if such an answer is possible.

Their friendly nature helps them turn a disagreement into a collabortive search for answers rather than a battle of wills. Although the alpha can have a stubborn streak, it’s balanced by their empathic abilities. They can see the other side, and this keeps them in check.

They Lead With Confidence

The alpha empath possesses strong self-esteem and lead with confidence. They know their worth — as leaders and as individuals. Even though they are deeply in touch with the feelings of others, they aren’t doormats.

They keep healthy boundaries centered in strong and positive self-worth. It would be a mistake to underestimate them just because they consider the feelings of others. They are no less powerful for knowing their value to any team.

They’re Assertive, Not Aggressive

The alpha empath posseses another trait that separates them from the pack, so to speak. Where the alpha can sometimes be both assertive to the point of aggression, the alpha empath takes a more balanced approach. They are assertive without crossing the line into aggression.

This is a powerful leadership ability. They can go after exactly what they want without climbing over anyone else to get there. They have learned the art of being straightforward without being offensive, and this keen diplomacy may set them apart from other alphas. 

They Can Read the Room

Another key characteristic of alpha empaths is their ability to immediately read a room. It doesn’t matter if the room is the breakroom or the boardroom, the alpha empath can sense the interpersonal dynamics that contribute to a work environment. The alpha empath often is the first to pick up on positive and negative changes and will not tolerate a toxic work environment.

This ability to read the room helps with colleagues, subordinates, and everyone from clients to the cleaning crew. They know just what to say and when to say it, but they aren’t doing it as a manipulation tactic. They read the room from a place of deep sensitivity to others.

They Delegate According to Strengths

The alpha empath also shows another trait that makes them a superior but sensitive leader — they delegate well. They’re hard workers, but they also know that the smartest leaders utilize the skills of their team. They look for strengths in others, not weaknesses, and use them well. While your typical alpha often sniffs out weaknesses, the alpha empath knows that people work harder when they feel that their superiors trust them to do a job and do it well.

This trait of delegation sets the alpha empath apart from other alphas who might want to do everything themselves and wrestle for control. The alpha empath doesn’t assume all underlings are vying for their job, and this makes them a formidable leader capable of assigning roles that strengthen a team or even a company as a whole. Because they don’t fear the loss of power, they often act with confidence and keep their power as a result.

They Tend to Show Excellence in Helping Professions

It comes as no surprise that alpha empaths often choose to lead in helping professions. Because they are deeply sensitive, they may gravitate towards healthcare, mental health, emergency services, teaching, or other positions that assume a caretaking role. They are excellent nurturers and want to position themselves in leadership roles where they can do the most good.

They’ll likely climb to the top of these helping professions. The alpha drive will push them to do what it takes to get there, and the empath traits they possess help them thrive in their profession. They are stronger leaders for having both strength and sensitivity in equal measure, and they’ve found a way to utilize their abilities.

They Show Resistance to Being Manipulated

Underestimating the alpha empath is not wise. They may be compassionate, but they are no fools. They can sense when people are trying to manipulate them and will resist outside influence. They have their own internal sense of what’s right and wrong, and they are determined enough to hold fast to their values even in the face of pressure.

Trying to manipulate an alpha empath will likely get you nothing but a headache for your troubles. It’s best to steer clear of anything other than forthright speaking with an empath of any kind but particularly with an alpha. They’ll lose all respect for anyone who lies or attempts to manipulate them. 

They Don’t Micromanage You

The alpha empath knows how to manage a team without micromanaging them. They have no interest in looking over anyone’s shoulders while they work. When they assign a task, it’s because they believe they’ve chosen the right person for the job. Once assigned, they trust that job to be carried out and done right the first time. 

I would not recommend taking this trait for granted and abusing it. The alpha empath will quickly reassign tasks if a team member shows poor attitude or performance. They might be lenient in some ways, but they still expect you to do your job well.

They Bring Courage to Leadership

The alpha empath brings courage to the leadership role. They often use their courage and leadership position to speak up for those who are disenfranchised by oppressive power structures. In other words, they are often the one to go to bat for the underdog.

The alpha empath uses their power to influence people for good. They champion the causes they’re passionate about, and it shows in everything they do. They aren’t interested in being seen as a savior but in doing what they can with what they have to create positive change in the world. 

When Strength Meets Sensitivity: The Alpha Empath

The alpha empath is a force to be reckoned with. Their power lies in their ability to lead well but to do so with a light hand. They aren’t looking over your shoulder while you work or giving out demands that fail to take into consideration a reasonable work-life balance. They believe in justice, work toward their dreams, and tend to inspire others to do the same. 

However, I would offer a word of caution. The alpha empath is among the most powerful but also tends to be the most stressed. They bear the burden of leadership as well as the burden of empathy for everyone they lead. It’s a complex role — but they are resourceful, resilient, and capable of performing it with excellence. 

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