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Why Sigma Females Are Unique Leaders: 15 Traits They Share

In today’s post we are going to talk about the qualities that make sigma females exceptional leaders.

In the world of social archetypes, the sigma personality ranks below the alpha and above the beta, gamma, and omega. That ranking might lead you to believe that she’s somehow second-in-command, a secondary character to the alpha’s main character energy — but you’d be mistaken.

In fact, the sigma female might just be the secret weapon of the social archetypes — the one capable of ruling them all. 

15 Traits That Make Sigma Females Exceptional Leaders

Let’s be frank: social archetypes are considered pseudoscience. There are no standardized tests you can take or peer-reviewed literature you can read to tell you which archetype best captures your personality.

A little self-awareness and a better understanding of these popular personality traits can help you learn more about yourself and your relationships with others.

The sigma female has at least 15 traits that make her an excellent leader. These qualities are the reason many people believe that she might actually be more powerful than the alpha who is most credited with leadership ability. 

They Have Leadership Qualities Without a Hunger for Power

Sigma females have one startling but distinct difference from alpha females: The sigma woman possesses leadership qualities without a hunger for power.

In other words, should she find herself in a leadership role, the sigma female can step up and lead with strength and grace. But she doesn’t tend to seek out leadership. It usually finds her. 

This is a clear difference from the alpha female archetype. Alpha females are motivated to possess power. They thrive in leadership roles and actively seek them out. Once obtained, they are fierce in the fight to keep their power and to continue acquiring more. These traits make alphas strong leaders, but it also makes them more vulnerable. 

The sigma female isn’t hungry to find or maintain power, and it might give her leadership an independent quality you won’t find with an alpha in charge. She’s not playing by any rules but her own because she’s not afraid to lose the power that’s been thrust upon her. 

They Collaborate Rather Than Compete

The sigma woman is an excellent leader because she collaborates rather than competes. She’s not competitive with other colleagues — especially not other women.

The sigma female is the type of leader who helps other people discover their strengths and utilize them effectively to help the team. She empowers people to do their best and to reach their highest potential without fearing they’ll come after her power. 

Because she possesses some analytical traits, the sigma woman excels at leadership. She can determine strengths and weaknesses and will delegate accordingly. The sigma woman often prefers to work independently but is still capable of working as a team to achieve a shared goal.

Despite her fiercely independent nature, she has a collaborative mindset when leading. 

They Are Loyal

Another key trait of the sigma female’s exceptional leadership is her loyalty. This is not to say that alpha types can’t be loyal, but a hunger for power and dominance can undermine loyalty. The sigma woman has no such issues and will go to bat for any member of her team. Her sense of loyalty is strong, and she’s not shy about using her power to advocate for others. 

This loyalty makes the sigma woman a beloved leader. The people who work in subordinate positions often admire her rather than fear her.

They recognize her loyalty with their own. Although she might not be universally loved because she does play by her own rules, she does have a tendency to inspire loyalty in the people who work for and with her. 

They Are Excellent Listeners

Another reason the sigma female is an excellent leader is because she’s also an excellent listener. While the alpha is busy dominating conversations, the sigma sits back and listens. She has no need to hog the spotlight and has learned the usefulness of being observant. 

People who work for the sigma woman often feel like they are seen, heard, and valued because she’ll take the time to hear them out. She won’t dismiss and invalidate how they feel. She won’t be too busy to sit and listen. She’ll make time to consider concerns because she understands just how important this is for a good leader to do. 

Her keen listening skills often have the sigma woman collecting useful tidbits of information along the way. She’s clever enough to use what she learns to her advantage. She doesn’t just remember birthdays or names of family members that are important to her colleagues.

She also has encyclopedic knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, motivations, and interpersonal interactions. Don’t worry; she’s got a strong moral compass and won’t typically use this information to manipulate. She will, however, use it to make her team stronger. 

They Are Self-Aware and Self-Motivated

The sigma woman is both self-aware and self-motivated. Like the sigma man, she knows herself and is motivated to do well in any position she undertakes. This makes the sigma personality type a superior leader. 

Her self-awareness leads the sigma female to understand both her strengths and challenges and to use them to her advantage. She knows that she’s not perfect, but she’s not trying to be either. Instead, she uses her self-motivation to keep getting better. 

This self-aware attitude makes her an asset to any team, but particularly in leadership positions. She doesn’t try to hog the spotlight when she knows someone else on her team could better shine in that role. She has no desire to show off, but she does want to make herself, her team, and even the world around her a better place if she can. 

They Take Calculated Risks

The sigma woman is an excellent leader because she takes calculated risks. She might be wildly independent to the point of being known as a rebel, but that doesn’t mean she’s careless. She uses her skills to analyze risks and to decide if they’re worth it. 

From a leadership standpoint, this is important. She’s not afraid to try something new or to make wave, but she’s also not going to lead her team down a dangerous road just for kicks. The risks she takes often have a huge payoff that can benefit her team. 

They Lead by Example

Sigma women are exceptional leaders because they lead by example. A sigma female has a strong work ethic combined with a collaborative leadership style. Her ability to inspire others and to help them succeed makes her the kind of leader who is often admired. She’s not leading by fear or intimidation. She leads by doing the job right.

This is different from the alpha type who might achieve a position of leadership and then spend most of their time delegating responsibilities. While that, too, has its place in the workforce, the sigma woman won’t get so caught up divesting herself of responsibilities that she neglects her work. She knows that leadership isn’t just about being the one in charge. Instead, it’s about achieving excellence as a team. 

They Are Impervious to Peer Pressure

Another valuable leadership trait of the sigma female is that she’s impervious to peer pressure. A sigma personality is the kind that goes its own way. Sigma women play by their own rules and don’t care at all what other people think. Because she doesn’t chase power, she’s not trying to butter up anyone who has any. She’s too busy living her best life.

Her resistance to peer pressure makes her an exceptional leader. She’s not easily influenced. She doesn’t just conform to doing things the way others have done them. She’s got a strong internal compass that drives every decision she makes, and she doesn’t engage in less critical black-and-white thinking. 

They Won’t Micromanage You

Happily, the sigma woman in charge will never micromanage you. First of all, she understands that you’re an adult who was judged capable of performing the job they were hired to do. Second, she is far too busy and self-motivated to look over your shoulder while you work. Last but never least, the sigma woman believes in your competence and trusts you to do your job well.

This trusting attitude can occasionally be taken advantage of, but the sigma woman is no fool and will weed out the type who will see her confidence in her employees as a weakness.

Most of the people on her team will appreciate and respect her for refusing to micromanage anyone. Because she trusts them, they’re more likely to work harder and do a good job than if she were to look over their shoulders while dispensing constant advice. 

They Stay Authentic

The sigma female is consistently authentic even in leadership positions. She doesn’t just change because she acquired power. She’s still herself even if she rises up the ranks. 

This is important for leaders because it’s a good indicator that she won’t abuse her power or forget where she came from. It encourages others to trust her and to support her growth. This is one key reason why the sigma woman is often thrust into positions of power. Those around her trust her to stay true to herself regardless of more work or outside pressure. 

They Are Excellent Problem Solvers

It’s unsurprising that sigma females are exceptional leaders when you consider their problem-solving abilities. They don’t just think outside the box. They’ve thrown the box away and are considering problems from every possible angle. This helps them see solutions others might overlook.

The sigma woman also utilizes her team in her problem solving. Her collaborative attitude and ability to perceive strengths can help her encourage a team mindset that’s focused on finding positive outcomes rather than dwelling on challenges or setbacks. Her leadership usually inspires creativity and innovation. 

They Treat People Based on Character and Not Perceived Social Status

Like the sigma male, the sigma female doesn’t care about anyone’s perceived social status. She’ll treat the server at the restaurant with the same consideration as the most powerful CEO. She judges people entirely on their character and not on their money, power, or position. 

This ability to treat everyone with respect and to ignore other valuations of perceived worth makes the sigma woman a powerful and exceptional leader. You won’t ever see her bow and scrape to a leader and then demean a subordinate.

First of all, she’s not the bowing and scraping type, and she isn’t power-hungry and has no need to lord her position over others. Her total disregard for status puts her in a powerful and enviable position of strength.

They Are Adaptable to Changes

The sigma woman’s ability to pivot and adapt to change is unmatched. Her innovative way of thinking makes her supremely adaptable to change, an important characteristic of any leader. She won’t just find silver linings when there’s a shift in the workplace. She’ll make the changes work for her like they’re getting paid to do it.

Her unflappable attitude makes her an asset to any organization, and this is particularly true in leadership positions. It’s often one of the reasons that others see her as a leader even when she’s not interested in obtaining power. Everyone knows the sigma woman will do a job well even if she never wanted it in the first place. 

They Are Assertive

An additional leadership quality of the sigma woman is her assertiveness. While the alpha female often leads with aggression and dominance, the sigma female is assertive but leads by example and inspiration.

She can advocate for what’s true, right, or necessary without infringing on anyone else’s rights. She won’t walk all over anyone else to get where she’s going, but she’s nobody’s fool. 

Assertiveness is a strong quality of any leader, and the sigma woman isn’t shy about speaking up to say what she wants and needs. She’ll equally use her assertiveness to advocate for those on her team and to champion the underdog. Because she’s not grasping for power, her assertiveness is uncompromised by considerations for keeping it. 

Sigma Females Don’t Require Outside Validation

The sigma woman is human, so she likes to hear that she’s doing a good job. That doesn’t mean she requires outside validation. The sigma female validates herself. She knows that she’s a good person and strong leader, and she’s not worried if anyone else sees this about her. She’s honestly not concerned with how other people view her.

The alpha woman needs the ego strokes of outside validation. She needs to know she’s the top dog, the highest on the food chain. The sigma woman simply doesn’t care. She doesn’t need anyone to determine her value because she’s done that herself. It’s one of her many beautiful qualities and makes her a strong leader who is capable of leading with confidence.

A Final Word about Sigma Females in Leadership

The sigma woman may not have a finely tuned, five-year plan for achieving power, but if she finds herself in a leadership position, she’ll excel in it. Her rebellious personality may not seem like a natural fit for a leadership role, but it makes her a strong, uncompromising innovator who will fight for and with her team to reach her goals. 

While she might be snug between the alpha and beta on any social personality chart, the sigma woman stands alone. She’s out there making strides and leading by example. You don’t ever want to underestimate her or what she’s capable of achieving given half the chance.

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