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Toni Braxton Net Worth and How She Built Her Empire

As one of the best R&B performers of all time, Toni Braxton net worth is impressive.

Who Is Toni Braxton?

Toni Michele Braxton is a globally known singer, musician, actress, and philanthropist. The ‘Queen of R&B’ is among the most successful female artists in the world of this genre. 

Braxton has received many awards throughout her career and has made appearances in popular movies and TV Shows. 

She has achieved many triumphs in her career, including multiple Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. 

The singer is known for her sultry voice and incredible singing skills, and she has a very successful career in the music and TV industry.

Full Name:Toni Michele Braxton
Known As:Toni Braxton
Born:October 7, 1967
Occupation:Singer, actress
Net Worth:$10 Million

Early life

Toni Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland, on October 7, 1967. Braxton hailed from a musical and religiously inclined background.

Both of her parents, Michael Conrad Braxton and Evelyn Jackson, were active members at the local Methodist church. 

Her father had a position in an electricity company, while Braxton’s mother had a history of singing opera and working in a beauty salon. 

Moreover, Braxton’s grandfather from her mother’s side was a minister. The singer is the oldest of a large family of six children. 

Furthermore, the singer’s first experience was in the church choir. Braxton wanted to pursue a career as an educator, so she attended Bowie State University in her hometown. 

However, one day, she was pumping gas at the gas station when the producer William Pettaway Jr. heard her singing. Therefore, he convinced her to pursue a music career.

Toni Braxton Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Toni Braxton net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Most of the artist’s income comes from her music albums and performances, but the talented singer-songwriter has also been venturing into other projects. 

The singer-songwriter has made a debut on Broadway for the musical Beauty and the Beast. Braxton has also appeared on two reality TV shows and series – Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince

Furthermore, the musician has appeared in multiple films such as Twist of Faith, Kingdom Come, Every Day is Christmas, and Faith Under Fire.

She has also played the role of Hollis in the TV series Fallen Angels Murder Club.

Early beginnings

In the 1980s, Braxton, along with her four sisters, formed a group known as The Braxtons, and eventually, they got signed to Arista Records. 

Their debut song was titled ‘Good Life’ and was released in 1990. The song didn’t perform well on the radio but caught the attention of the producers Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

The song brought attention to the oldest sister. Hence, the producers approached Braxton to record a demo tape of the song called ‘Love Shoulda Brought You Home’. 

The tune was supposed to be sung by Anita Baker for the soundtrack of the movie Boomerang. Braxton agreed to the proposal, and her rendition of the song made it on the final soundtrack.

More about Toni Braxton’s career

After the song’s success, the producers started working on her solo album Toni Braxton, which was released in 1993. 

The singer’s album sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and topped the charts on the Billboard 200 album list. 

Her song ‘Another Sad Love Song’ became a hit single and reached the top of the R&B charts. 

Moreover, Braxton’s first album won several awards, including three Grammy Awards. Her second studio album Secrets was released in 1996, her most successful album.

The album has multiple hit singles such as ‘You’re Making Me High’ and ‘Un-Break My Heart’ which is the biggest hit in the singer’s career. 

Furthermore, the musician has released several albums, including The Heat in 2000, More Than a Woman in 2002, Libra in 2005, and many others.

How Does Toni Braxton Make Money?

The American singer earns her living as an R&B singer from revenue from her hit singles. Braxton has also had several tours, which also contributed to her earnings.

Aside from R&B, the artist and fashion icon has also released projects in other genres. 

The singer also has a beauty brand called ‘Nude Sugar’.

She is returning to the acting screen by headlining and producing the popular TV movie Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For and Heroes and Felons

Braxton is an inspiration for many artists and has contributed to the music scene for years. Her songs have valuable lessons about life and love, which her fans like.

Toni Braxton’s Quotes

  • “To do what you love can sometimes be stressful.”
  • “Performing live is the greatest high in the world. That’s why I do what I do.”
  • “Dating is different when you get older. You’re not as trusting, or as eager to get back out there and expose yourself to someone.”
  • “I’m a businesswoman who’s serious about her money. I want an empire.”

Key Lessons from Toni Braxton’s Success

Devote yourself to things you love

Toni Braxton is very passionate about music and is dedicated to giving her fans hit songs and the best performances. 

Throughout her life, the professional singer dealt with many health issues, which caused her to cancel shows. 

However, Braxton didn’t let the problems discourage her from becoming a successful artist, and the driven musician became a world-known R&B star and an actress. 

A lesson from her career is that there are a lot of challenges in life, but devoting yourself to things you love is the key to success.

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Don’t give up on your dreams

Besides health problems, the famous R&B star also dealt with financial struggles and contract disagreements. 

However, the singer still managed to produce some of her best albums that are still popular among generations today. 

Braxton’s career story is a lesson that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams but work hard toward the things we want to gain success.

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Nothing is impossible

Braxton was pursuing a career in education when a producer approached her for her signing at a gas station. 

She agreed to the proposal and continued working hard for her music and fans. The singer believed she was destined for greatness and focused on achieving success in the music industry. 

Her story is a lesson that life is full of opportunities and things are always possible if you believe in yourself and have a drive and motivation.

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Image: The Heart Truth, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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