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Nikki Glaser Net Worth and How She Built Her Wealth

If you want to know what is Nikki Glaser net worth and how she became so successful, then this article might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Who Is Nikki Glaser?

Nicole Rene Glaser, popularly known as Nikki Glaser, is a talented American actress and media personality known for her various shows in stand-up comedy, radio, and podcasts. She is currently the lead actress in the reality show Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?

Nikki was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 1, 1984, to Edward and Julie Glaser. Lauren Glaser is Nikki’s only sibling. Despite being born in Ohio, Nikki spent the most part of her childhood in St Louis, Missouri. Glaser studied in Missouri, where she eventually graduated from Kirkwood High School.

She proceeded to the University of Kansas after a brief period of time at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she got her degree in English Literature.

Full Name: Nicole Rene Glaser
Known As: Nikki Glaser
Born: June 1, 1984 – Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 38
Profession: Actress, media personality
Net Worth: $2 million

Nikki Glaser Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Nikki Glaser net worth in 2023 is approximately $2 million. The main source of her wealth is her job as stand-up comedian, actress, and podcast host.

Nikki began her career in stand-up comedy just after joining college at 18 with a performance in the campus cafeteria. Her growth came gradually; later on, she managed to land two seasons in Last Comic Standing among others.

Glaser has landed various roles in a few films including I Feel Pretty, Punching the Clown, and Trainwreck, among others. Glaser’s maiden show premiered in 2013 on MTV, which she hosted with Schaefer. However, the show was canceled later that year.

Her appearances on MTV continued, and she managed to get featured in several shows like Money from Strangers. Nikki Glaser also appeared three times on The Joe Rogan Experience show.

She hosted Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, a sex-themed program on Comedy Central which aired in early 2016, however, the show was canceled later that year. Glaser’s work as a dating show host has been impressive, and in 2019, she hosted Blind Date on Bravo. She is currently the host for FBOY Island, a dating show that premiered in July 2021 on HBO Max.

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Radio and Podcasts

Nikki and Sara Schaefer co-hosted the You Had To Be There podcast from 2011 to 2014. Nikki then run a show on Comedy Central with Brian Frange and Dan St. Germain where they discussed dating and sex-related issues. Later, she co-hosted a show with Phil Hanley, discussing relationships at length.

Glaser hosted the Sirius XM radio show You Up With Nikki Glaser from February 2018 until the show got canceled in 2020.

While working at Sirius XM, she was a featured guest on several shows and a Pop music channel. Nikki appeared on Howard Stern’s show from 2018 to 2019 in many notable episodes, including a one-on-one interview.

Nikki has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast several times to discuss her experiences working in the media. Currently, she and Andrew Colin co-host The Nikki Glaser Podcast.

Nikki Glaser on Social Media

Nikki Glaser has a very active online presence which she uses to tell jokes about everyday life.

She has over 940k followers on Instagram and over 2500 posts averaging over 10000 likes. Her content ranges from jokes, personal photos, and professional shoots to event posters.

Nikki’s Twitter account has about 524k followers, and she follows 2157 people. She posts various content, including posters of shows she’s working on, jokes, and personal events.

Nikki Glaser Quotes

  • “People are just so insensitive because they’re ignorant; they don’t understand, so they’re scared of what they’re ignorant of.”
  • “Funny is funny. If it’s funny enough to women, it will be funny to men. I think that’s been proven by Broad City and Amy Schumer. They’re killing it.”
  • “As far as how I approach the humor, I think the best comedy is going to happen when I’m myself and act organically to a news item or situation.”

Key Lessons From Nikki Glaser Success

Take care of your mental health 

The stand-up comedian has an impressive career, making millions of people laugh through her comedy. However, Glaser is very serious when it comes to dealing with mental health and addiction problems. 

In her interviews, the aspiring singer is very open about her struggles with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety, intending to help others on the same path. Her story is inspirational for many people, as it teaches us that taking care of our mental health is key to live a happy and healthy life and become successful.

Don’t get discouraged by the words of others

The actress and former TV host talks about her vulnerability and struggles in life not only through her comedy performances but in interviews as well. On one occasion, she expressed that throughout her school days, she was always worried about what people might think about her, which resulted in deep insecurities. 

She was also struggling with insecurities regarding her looks, as one of her classmates insulted her appearance when she asked him to lend her his pencil. Over the years, she felt worse and worse, developing face and body dysmorphia.

However, the talented host and stand-up comedian turned her struggles into comedy and didn’t let the words of others discourage her from achieving her dreams. 

Her story is a lesson for many young people not to be discouraged by the words of others but instead focus on what really matters to them.

Strive to become the best version of yourself

Glaser teaches her fans to get on the journey to self-acceptance. The comedian believes that the keys to success are having faith in yourself and staying inspired and consistent in the process. She teaches us that building confidence and working on ourselves are very important aspects of life, which is inspirational for many people. 

Seeking validation from others can prevent you from reaching your goals and pursuing meaningful relationships.

For this reason, we should all strive to become the best version we can be and focus on the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled.


Does Nikki Glaser have children?

As of now, Nikki doesn’t have children – at least not yet.

What is Nikki Glaser known for?

She is known mainly for her program Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, for her participation in the TV series FBOY Island and for her TV special Good Clean Filth.

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