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Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth and How She Built Her Fortune

In this article we will talk about Mary Fitzgerald net worth, her career, and key lessons from her path to success.

Who Is Mary Fitzgerald?

Mary Fitzgerald is a real estate agent, social media influencer, and star of the popular Netflix series Selling Sunset.

Fans of the series know her as a career-oriented cast member who has made listings worth millions during the show. 

She was born on July 29, 1980, in Brandon, South Dakota, and is currently 43 years old. Fitzgerald is of American nationality.

Her father was a businessman, while her mother was a homemaker. She also has two sisters, Sarah and Ana. Fitzgerald is married to the model Romain Bonnet and has a son named Austin.

Full Name: Mary Fitzgerald
Profession: Real estate agent, influencer
Net Worth: $2 million

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Mary Fitzgerald net worth is estimated at $2 million. She generates most of her income from her professional real estate career. 

She earned most of her money from the commissions while selling properties with the real estate brokerage The Oppenheim Group. 

However, the successful entrepreneur also earned money from other business ventures, including paid brand promotions – and this contributed a lot to Mary Fitzgerald impressive net worth. 


Before she started filming for Selling Sunset in 2019, Fitzgerald worked as an estate agent. Fitzgerald attended Ball State University in Indiana before she moved to London and later to New York to work as an estate agent for the Candy Brothers brokerage. 

From 2008-2011, she worked at Shorewood Realtors in Hermosa Beach, California. She became an agent for The Oppenheim Group in 2014.

Throughout her career, Mary Fitzgerald has also worked in the property management field in Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.

Fitzgerald currently lives in Los Angeles, where she films the popular TV series Selling Sunset. As an agent, Fitzgerald represents buyers and sellers of residential properties in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.

How Does Mary Fitzgerald Make Money?

The professional real estate agent mostly makes money from the TV series Selling Sunset. However, Fitzgerald also generates income from commissions by selling properties.

She was recently elected Vice President of The Oppenheim Group, making her a prominent figure in the firm. 

Also, Mary Fitzgerald has a large social media following and generates money as an influencer. Her platform enables her to collaborate with various brands and earn from brand sponsorships. 

She has worked with a women’s apparel brand and a nutrition supplement company, among many others. Fitzgerald is also a fashion guru and has a deal with the global lifestyle brand Guess. 

3 Key Lessons From Mary Fitzgerald Success

Believe in yourself and always work to the best of your abilities

The real estate agent and the glamorous cast of the TV series often sells luxury homes. However, according to Fitzgerald, the work isn’t always exciting and glamorous as many details go into selling properties. 

She believes that this job requires guidance, patience as well as knowledge. The real estate agent expressed that she works in a competitive industry, and most of her income relies on commissions. 

For this reason, she must perform her best at any time. Her successful career teaches that believing in yourself and your abilities is key to success, accompanied by working hard and staying dedicated and focused. 

Know when to slow down and ask for assistance

Fitzgerald is focused on performing the best at work. She is dedicated, concentrated, and passionate about what she does, inspiring thousands of watchers of the Netflix show.

That said, at one point in her career, she overworked herself and ended up very sick, after which she wanted to give up.

However, despite the challenges, Fitzgerald didn’t accept defeat and hired an assistant who helped her achieve more while also taking care of her health.

Her story is a lesson that while hard work is vital for success, knowing when to slow down and finding balance is equally important.

Do things you are passionate about 

Mary Fitzgerald is one of the most successful estate agents in the brokerage. She is very passionate about what she does and works hard to reach her goals. The agent and fashion expert also adheres to a daily routine and loves to travel the world in her spare time.

Even though her work can be challenging at times, Fitzgerald always puts in her work to perform her best and earn a good amount of money while doing it.

Her success story teaches everyone to work toward their dreams and aspirations and stay dedicated to achieving success.

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