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Kamie Crawford Net Worth and How She Built Her Wealth

In this article we are going to talk about Kamie Crawford net worth, how she makes money, her career, and her path to success.

Who Is Kamie Crawford?

Kamie Crawford is a popular American TV host, model, and content producer. She is a beauty pageant winner and was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2010. Throughout her career, Crawford has greatly impacted the hosting industry. 

Early life

Kameran ‘Kamie’ Crawford was born on October 25, 1992, in Potomac, Maryland, and is currently 31 years old. 

Her parents are Victor and Carla Crawford, and she is the oldest of five siblings. Crawford is of mixed ethnicity, including Jamaican, Cuban, Indian, English, and German, and has an African-American ancestry. 

Crawford attended Winston Churchill High School in her hometown, where she was a captain of the varsity cheerleading team. 

Then, she was selected for a medical program for the Congressional Student Leadership Conference at Georgetown University.

Full Name:Kameran “Kamie” Crawford
Known As:Kamie Crawford
Born:October 25, 1992 – Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation:TV host, model
Net Worth:$3 million

Kamie Crawford Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Kamie Crawford net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. She has accumulated most of her income as a successful TV host. However, she also made a fortune from her career as a model and content creator. 

How does Kamie Crawford make money?

Besides TV hosting, Crawford has started a career in the film industry as well. She also creates social media content and collaborates with many beauty and luxury brands. Crawford is also a model with a large following on socials. 

The TV host has a massive following on social media and makes income from paid advertisements. 

Not to mention, Crawford has recently released a relationship advice podcast called Relationsh*t with Dear Media Studios, available on all platforms. Her podcast has an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Apple Podcasts.


Crawford’s career blossomed when she competed and won the title ‘Miss Teen USA 2010’ on July 24. She received a lot of recognition at this event. The same year, Crawford also received the miss photogenic award. 

After winning a scholarship at Georgetown University, she took classes at the New York Film Academy. 

Three years later, the talented TV host began her career as a model. Crawford was discovered by the ‘JAG’ modeling agency in New York City.

Furthermore, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Communication from Fordham University in 2015. The same year, she began a career as a TV host. 

More about Kamie Crawford’s career 

Four years later, she became a part of the panel of rotating hosts of the second half of season 7 of the American TV show Catfish. Then, she became a permanent co-host in 2020. 

Moreover, the talented model and TV host has also hosted the reunion episode on the MTV series Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Throughout her career, Crawford has also made other TV appearances. For example, the fashion and music show Rip the Runway and the American reality TV show Hell’s Kitchen

3 Key Lessons From Her Success

Never give up on the way to becoming successful 

The entertainment industry is known to be very inconsistent. This means that despite working hard, one may still not get any opportunities. 

This also happened to Crawford during her career, who almost gave up. 

However, the TV host didn’t give up on her dreams and later became a host of a popular TV show. 

Crawford was always focused on what she wanted to achieve in life, teaching everyone not to give up on the way to success. 

Pursue your dreams

The former beauty pageant winner believes in pursuing dreams. In an interview, she expressed that being a TV host was a dream career. 

She believes that everyone should follow their dreams. According to the model, there is no worse feeling in life than regret. 

Her success story is a lesson that everyone should follow their dreams and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

Stay grounded and focused

Kamie Crawford is always focused on achieving the things she wants in life. She works hard to achieve her goals but always stays level-headed despite enjoying success. 

Crawford also advocates body positivity in the modeling industry, believing that everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their skin. 

The TV host and model has expressed that her family is her biggest inspiration, who supports her in everything she does. They have taught her that she might achieve everything she wants. 

Crawford’s parents supported her in every career step, encouraging her to follow her dreams. 

The TV host has also expressed that everyone should remind themself of what is important in life and work towards making their aspirations a reality. 

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