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Jayda Cheaves Net Worth And How She Built Her Empire

In this post we will talk about Jayda Cheaves net worth, how she achieved it, her career, and key lessons from her path to success.

Who is Jayda Cheaves?

Jayda Cheaves (also known as Jayda Wayda and Jayda Ayanna) was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. She is a social media influencer, actor, author, and entrepreneur.

In 2017, Cheaves moved to Atlanta and opened an outlet selling hair products, which closed after only a few short months.

She shifted into fashion with the clothing line Waydamin and also published a book in 2018 entitled The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss.

Jayda Cheaves is also known for her on again off again relationship with Dominique Jones, known by his stage name as rapper Lil Baby.

Their son Loyal Armani was born in 2019. Early this year, it seems that the two ended their relationship. While rumors circulated that Cheaves cheated with rapper Bow Wow, she has denied these allegations.

Jayda Cheaves on Social Media

Much of Cheaves’ success is attributed to her massive social media following as an influencer.

She began her social media career as a teenager and grew it to the point of having millions of followers on multiple platforms.

Jayda Cheaves on YouTube

Cheaves started her own YouTube channel in 2018 and has amassed 351k subscribers with over 10 million views. The channel’s focus is on fashion with a few behind the scenes looks on her life.

Although she’s only posted 25 videos to date, her YouTube channel continues to garner views, subscribers, and comments from viewers.

Jayda Cheaves on Instagram

While there are many accounts claiming to be Jayda Cheaves on Instagram, her verified account has 7.7 million followers and over 300 posts.

Like her YouTube channel, Cheaves’s focus is on fashion. Her latest posts received nearly 300,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments.

Jayda Cheaves on TikTok

You can also find Jayda Cheaves on TikTok @ jaydafnwayda where she 3.7 million followers and 81.7 million likes.

These videos give you a more behind the scenes look at the entrepreneur and influencer’s life.

Jayda Cheaves Net Worth and How She Achieved It

Jayda Cheaves has achieved a reported net worth of $4 million.

She’s done so by securing sponsorships with fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing and launching her own clothing line, according to TeenVogue. In her interview, Cheaves credits her success on a knack for using social media to promote her style.

Cheaves found that she was able to use her following to sell all of her old clothes within only a few hours. During high school, she created a t-shirt clothing line called Amour My Hustle.

Jayda Cheaves has been hustling from a young age. While she’s known for being an influencer, she began her entrepreneurial career as a teenager and has been wildly successful.

She moved to Atlanta and launched her own clothing line after high school. She’s also branching out into acting in feature films and on an upcoming reality show.

Her entrepreneurial successes include working as a brand ambassador for Savage x Fenty, Fashion Nova, and Moon Cosmetics. She also has a successful Depop account selling used clothing in a peer-to-peer online fashion platform.

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Jayda Cheaves in the News

In September of 2021, Jayda Cheaves was arrested for illegal firearms possession in Jamaica with her friend Greg Wright. She was carrying two 9mm pistols and 15 rounds of ammunition.

She was kept in a Jamaican jail overnight and then charged fines of $500,000 for the illegal possession of a firearm and $300,000 for illegal possession of the ammunition.

They were released after paying the fine as both are licensed to carry firearms in their respective countries.

Key Lessons from Jayda Cheaves

Start Where You Are

Jayda Cheaves didn’t wait to finish her high school education or college career to begin doing what she loved. She began where she was with what she had.

She could have seen her youth as a barrier to success, but she didn’t.

The key lesson from her career is that it’s possible to start wherever you are in life and to grow your career organically.

Don’t put off your dreams for some vague future timeframe. Begin now. Take the steps necessary to live your dreams.

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Hustle Hard

Cheaves also shows us the importance of hustling and working hard. Her work ethic has made this entrepreneur and influencer successful.

Yet, her success didn’t come without experiencing failure or setbacks. When business ventures didn’t suit her long-term goals, she was able to shift to new ideas and apply the lessons she learned to growing her success.

Be Social

Jayda Cheaves also teaches us the importance of being smart about social media. Having a knack for posting the content people want has grown her businesses from small startups to a successful clothing line.

You could write her off as merely a social media influencer, but she’s so much more than that.

Her entrepreneurial passion and skills have made her a contender in the fashion industry and helped her reach a net worth of millions at such a young age.

Jayda Cheaves is a woman to watch in the world of social media and fashion. Her clothing line Waydamin recently released a swimwear collection with sizes ranging from XS to 3X.

You can see Cheaves in her first feature film role in the 2022 drama Bid for Love.

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

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