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Hi, I'm Anangsha from India. I have a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering, but I quit my job and Ph.D. in 2021 to become a full-time writer. Since then, I have:

- Mentored writers from all over the world to best leverage their skills and live a fulfilled life;

- Helped 2,700+ writers through my video directory where I share my journey;

- Made it possible for 20+ writers from 8 countries to leverage Medium the best way (and maybe make something on the side) by writing on Medium through my flagship Project Medium;

- Built Be Your Best Friend with Anangsha which talks about self-love, mindful productivity, and the importance of dreaming big without compromising on yourself. It arrives straight in your inbox every weekend.

I write for a few amazing companies and coach writers so they can dare to dream beyond the ordinary and chase big goals.